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An Update on ReviewRight Virtual Remote Review from HaystackID

By Seth Curt Schechtman, Esq., Managing Director, Document Review Services

Remote Review: An Unparalleled Market Success

ReviewRight Virtual Remote Review has achieved unprecedented growth over the past three years. From $500K in yearly revenue in 2015 to approximately $30M in projected revenue for 2019, Fortune 500 corporate legal departments and top 100 AmLaw firms have rapidly adopted ReviewRight Virtual Remote Review as their first and best choice to reduce costs and achieve superior work product when compared with traditional on-site document review.

ReviewRight has staffed over 350 remote projects during the past three years, using more than 1,300 unique reviewers out of a proprietary database of 14,000+ registered reviewers. From legal departments and law firms needing a single reviewer, to matters requiring several hundred reviewers for bet-the-company litigation, our remote projects have empowered companies in almost every industry imaginable including advertising, agriculture, aviation, banking, chemicals, construction, consumer products, defense, entertainment, environmental, finance, food and beverage, gaming, health care, insurance, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, real estate, software, sports, telecommunications, tobacco and transportation.

Securely and Cost-Effectively Gain the Legal High Ground

Our proprietary and secure remote review approach reduces staffing setup time and allows for rapid start and scaling on projects, enabling our clients to expeditiously gain the legal high ground in audits, investigations, and litigation requiring legal document review expertise. Our approach also eliminates geographic boundaries by allowing our clients to access the best available attorneys at the most appropriate cost. Using our proprietary ReviewRight artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms also allows our team to match reviewer skills, background, and experience to specific project expertise and experience requirements ensuring the best quality review team for every single project.

In almost all cases our remote projects can be fully staffed the same day, typically with a team of review attorneys ready to review within hours of first notice. We have even placed hundreds of reviewers on time-sensitive projects within 12 hours from client request to start of the review project.

One example of our demonstrated ability to deliver the highest quality reviewers in the shortest amount of time to exceed extreme time sensitive review deadlines is seen in the following support effort for an AmLaw 5 firm.

A Remote Review Case Study: Speed, Flexibility, and Results

ReviewRight Role: To support with technology and talent 100 review attorneys operating on-site at our Florida review facility as part of a Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (HSR Act) driven Second Request from the FTC.

+ Initial Review Strategy: To rely on subject matter experts to train a predictive coding algorithm, and then to review highly-ranked documents for responsiveness, privilege, and redactions.

+ Revised Strategy: Based on the client’s discovery of 300,000 previously unreviewed highly ranked documents with only seven days until the review deadline, ReviewRight adjusted their initial on-site-centric review strategy and augmented on-site reviewers with remote reviewers enabled by ReviewRight Virtual technology and processes.

+ Revised Strategy Results: Deploying approximately 200 remote reviewers over a weekend, less than 24 hours after being notified of the newly discovered 300,000 documents, the ReviewRight team finished the review in support of the Second Request including validated responsiveness coding, redactions, preparation of a full privilege log, with complete QC, ahead of schedule.

+ Post Script: Three days after project completion and just 36+ hours until the review deadline, the client discovered an additional 100,000 highly ranked documents requiring review. Within hours of this new discovery, the ReviewRight team mobilized 100 remote review attorneys who were able to begin working on the review project immediately.

+ Post Script Results: With 100 remote reviewers made immediately available to review the additional 100,000 documents, the team met the original unchanged Second Request review deadline approximately one hour ahead of schedule without deviating from QC procedures and validations.

This ability of ReviewRight to complete the entire Second Request review including 400,000 documents discovered after project initiation with remote staffing demonstrates why the combination of ReviewRight Match and ReviewRight Virtual are the first and best choice for time-sensitive reviews.

Faster Starts. Faster Completions. Better Results.

In addition to the exponential decrease in the notice required to begin remote review projects when compared to traditional on-site reviews, remote reviews also provide the advantage to the client of being able to select not only the best geographical talent available for geographically constrained reviews but the best-of-the-best reviewers available regardless of location. This reduction of geographic constraints typified in on-site review projects also results in lower review costs as available talent is not subject to the hypermarket conditions that often inflate review attorney costs based on the limited supply of possible reviewers. Using the top 10% of review attorneys registered and qualified as part of our ReviewRight Match approach to staffing, we typically have a ready pool of non-geographically constrained reviewers numbering in the thousands. Based on our continuous improvement process of monitoring metrics on actual projects, we can highlight that remote reviewers typically achieve 10-15% faster review speeds and 20% greater accuracy and consistency when compared with traditional on-site reviews. These results are achieved at a typical savings of 10-15% on hourly billed matters when compared with conventional on-site review.

A Key to Success: Extensive Training

To effectively enable remote reviews, ReviewRight has an extensive screening and training program to ensure qualified reviewers not only possess the foundational skills of legal document review but are also versed in our industry standard-setting traditional and remote review processes.

First-level reviewers must be skilled at a user level on the review platform that they will be working in for each project. These first-level reviewers are not required to have review platform certification. However, these reviewers must demonstrate the requisite skills to check out and check in batches, access different coding layouts and coding views, make redactions, access different document views, understand highlighting and metadata, and code documents. Additionally, all ReviewRight QCers and Assistant Review Managers receive training on data reduction techniques, key document identification, QC processes, overturn analyses, analytics, technology-assisted review (TAR) and alternative workflows along their journey to becoming a ReviewRight Review Manager. The journey from Assistant Review Manager to Review Manager typically takes six months and involves a multi-step mentoring program to be certified as a ReviewRight Review Manager.

Unparalleled Success. Regardless of Location.

From unparalleled market success as demonstrated by the revenue and project growth of our remote review business, to customer success based on our ability to save clients time and money, all while providing the most appropriate review experts regardless of location, ReviewRight Match and ReviewRight Virtual are the industry’s first and best choice for enabling remote document reviews.

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