[RFP and RFI Requests] Optimizing eDiscovery with HaystackID’s RelativityOne and Relativity Server Solutions

Editor’s Note: With rapid technological advancement, legal and compliance professionals face increasingly complex challenges in document review. In this article, we deep dive into our Relativity platforms—RelativityOne and HaystackID Relativity Server—and considerations to determine which platform suits your eDiscovery needs. We also provide information on how to submit a Request for Proposal Service (RFP) to learn how our experts can help you streamline and bolster your eDiscovery processes.

By HaystackID Staff

Legal and compliance teams grapple with a myriad of evolving document review challenges. These professionals face ballooning eDiscovery costs and expedited timelines while needing to ensure they maintain data security and integrity. These teams often need customized solutions to address their unique needs to operate at their peak efficiency. Our experts can play a pivotal role with our RelativityOne platform or private cloud HaystackID Relativity Server. 

Here’s how industry professionals can transform how they work. 

3 Ways to Streamline eDiscovery Operations 

Our experts have deep expertise with Relativity’s platforms, so we can arm your organization with a solution to fit your eDiscovery needs, whether you require RelativityOne’s advanced features or the localized control of Relativity Server.  

Both platforms leverage the power of Relativity to streamline: 

  • Case management 
  • Document review 
  • Collaborative tasks within secure environments 

With both platforms having tremendous power in driving efficiencies, the question becomes whether RelativityOne or HaystackID Relativity Server better suits your needs.  

SaaS vs. Private Cloud: Determining Which Solution Aligns with Your Goals 

RelativityOne—a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) solution via the Microsoft Azure cloud—provides seamless integration across your matters. Additionally, this solution ensures that you benefit from the latest AI innovations and ongoing enhancements for a cutting-edge eDiscovery experience. 

HaystackID Relativity Server is likely better suited for organizations with specific needs for private cloud solutions, perhaps due to highly sensitive data or existing infrastructure. HaystackID provides Relativity Server through our own secure data centers, giving you the core Relativity functionalities without the overhead of managing infrastructure. 

Innovation in Action: Protect Analytics AI for Relativity 

Our team’s expertise in using Relativity is not just limited to its standard features. We have extended its capabilities to address our client’s unique requirements. Recognizing the need for efficient and comprehensive mechanisms for sensitive data management, we developed Protect Analytics AI for Relativity®. This tool stands out with its ability to help our clients classify and manage sensitive data more effectively than ever before. 

Our AI-enabled sensitive data detection, identification, and visualization toolset is a game-changer for legal teams. It provides early insights, empowering teams to make risk-based judgments with confidence and precision. Built on Relativity, this tool ensures enterprises maintain security and compliance while accelerating the prioritization and handling of sensitive data and critical documents. 

Invitation for RFI/RFP Inquiries 

We invite you to inquire further about how our RelativityOne platform or private cloud HaystackID Relativity Server can significantly enhance and accelerate your eDiscovery processes. To learn more about our offerings or to submit a Request for Information (RFI) or a Request for Proposal (RFP), please contact us today. Our team is ready to provide you with detailed information on our offerings, including service descriptions, technical specifications, implementation support, pricing, and more. 

About HaystackID® 

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