eDiscovery Information Guides

HaystackID’s eDiscovery information guides help you find, listen to, and learn from your data by sharing how we can help with your computer forensics, eDiscovery, and legal document review needs.

Review the fact sheets and case studies online or download them via the control bar at the bottom of each document to learn more about HaystackID and our complete portfolio of specialized eDiscovery services.

Integrated eDiscovery Services

[Fact Sheet] HaystackID Services Overview

[Case Study] A Complex Defense of Intellectual Property

ReviewRight Document Review Services

[Fact Sheet] Optimizing Remote Review

[Fact Sheet] Document Review Staffing

[Data Sheet] Foreign Language Document Review Services

[Fact Sheet] Secure Remote Review

HaystackID And Second Requests

[Case Study] Antitrust Agency Second Request Support

[FTC Guide] Model Request For Additional Documentary Material

HaystackID eDiscovery Enablers

[Fact Sheet] The Mobile Device Integrator from HaystackID

[Fact Sheet] eCTD Compliance Review Module from HaystackID

[Fact Sheet] DataThresher from HaystackID

[Fact Sheet] Understanding HaystackID Security

HaystackID Enterprise Managed Solutions

[Fact Sheet] HaystackID Enterprise Managed Solutions

[Fact Sheet] nVision® Discovery Management Program

[Fact Sheet] nSight® Discovery Management Program

[Fact Sheet] nTegrate® Discovery Management Program

[Fact Sheet] nPractice® Discovery Management for Law Firms

[Fact Sheet] nPractice® Discovery Management for Law Firms

HaystackID Cybersecurity Consulting

[Fact Sheet] Forensics First Employer Protection Program – Overview

[Press Release] Introduction of Cybersecurity Consulting Practice

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