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Organizations have unique needs when selecting the right eDiscovery software platform. HaystackID offers acclaimed expertise with both RelativityOne and Relativity Server to provide customers the ideal solution. With deep experience across Relativity products, HaystackID can help organizations determine the ideal Relativity deployment for their specific requirements, providing an in-depth explanation of the differences between the offerings and how they impact eDiscovery.

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RelativityOne SaaS eDiscovery Platform

RelativityOne is Relativity’s robust SaaS eDiscovery platform delivered via the Microsoft Azure cloud. It enables seamless, secure collaboration across matters, workspaces, and instances. RelativityOne receives ongoing enhancements and the latest AI innovations.

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HaystackID Relativity Server

For those needing a private cloud eDiscovery platform, HaystackID provides hosted Relativity Server through its own secure data centers. This gives customers the core benefits of Relativity Server without managing infrastructure.

The RelativityOne Advantage

Key Attributes of RelativityOne


Security and Compliance

RelativityOne has achieved ISO, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and FedRAMP compliance certifications. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. A 24/7 security team monitors the platform.


Speed and Scalability

On average, RelativityOne offers 0.19-second document-to-document speeds and can handle projects of any size with elastic scalability.



Workflows for data collection, processing, redaction, and production can be automated to save time. New capabilities are continuously rolled out.


Global Availability

RelativityOne is available in 17 global regions on Microsoft Azure. Users can access workspaces from anywhere.


Ease of Use

Intuitive interface, in-app guided tutorials, and AI-assisted review make RelativityOne user-friendly.


Analytics and AI

RelativityOne will enable advanced AI like unified search, visualization, sentiment analysis, and translation powered by cloud architecture.


Ecosystem Collaboration

A single identity allows access across RelativityOne workspaces and instances to facilitate enterprise and ecosystem collaboration.

Relativity Server is the private cloud version of Relativity with a long track record of proven security and performance. HaystackID hosts Relativity Server in its own secure data centers to provide the benefits of Relativity Server in a hosted environment.

HaystackID’s Relativity Server

Redefining eDiscovery Excellence

HaystackID’s Relativity Server stands out as a powerful eDiscovery platform that not only streamlines electronic data management, analysis, and review for investigations and litigation but also offers unique attributes. These include speed, scale, customization, control, expertise, and security, which empower legal professionals to manage and master eDiscovery complexities with unparalleled efficiency and precision.


Our Relativity Server accelerates eDiscovery, providing fast and secure access to crucial information. Our specialized teams are constantly innovating, so your data is always available when needed.


Our infrastructure can handle any case, whether large or complex. Our scalable buildout ensures you can manage large data volumes without sacrificing performance or reliability.


We prioritize meticulous control over product releases, rigorously testing each feature to ensure it aligns with your needs. You can customize your solution to the nuances of your data landscape.


Our automation capabilities extend beyond the Relativity platform, encompassing the entire data lifecycle. This enables you to manage your data with increased efficacy and reduced risk of error.


Our technology solutions and client services are not just backed by experience and knowledge, but by a wealth of it. With a consistent and proven track record, HaystackID has earned the trust of legal professionals who rely on our solutions, making us the go-to choice for eDiscovery excellence.


Our commitment to rigorous security standards, including ISO 27001, SOC II Type 2, HiTrust, HIPAA, and more, is bolstered by a dedicated security team that ensures the integrity of your data at every turn.

Choose HaystackID’s Relativity Server and partner with a company committed to redefining eDiscovery excellence. Experience the HaystackID advantage and elevate your eDiscovery journey to new heights.

"Choosing the right eDiscovery platform can be a complex decision, but at HaystackID, we simplify this choice. By offering both RelativityOne and our HaystackID hosted Relativity Server, we align our technology to your operational needs, ensuring that whether in a SaaS or private-cloud environment, your eDiscovery is powered by robust, secure, and flexible solutions that advance your legal and compliance objectives."

Hal Brooks

Hal Brooks

Comparing RelativityOne and HaystackID Relativity Server

While RelativityOne and HaystackID Relativity Server share the same core modules (Collections, Processing, and Review) there are some key platform differences.

RelativityOne HaystackID Relativity Server
Security Innovation Trusted and unparalleled innovation in SaaS security. Innovations in security provided through HaystackID’s custom development and security teams.
Ability to Scale Cloud-enabled scale, speed, and monitoring. An already proven infrastructure buildout, with the ability to scale.
Implementation Control Rapid innovation and continuous improvements. More control over releases to ensure proper testing and proven feature set.
Precision Automation Out-of-the-box automation across the platform. HaystackID has already proven automation, not only with Relativity, but with the entire data lifecycle.
Platform Experience Cohesive and consistent global experience. Consistent and proven experience with HaystackID’s technology and client service professionals.
Security Expertise SaaS guardrails for compliance and privacy in global data centers. ISO 27001, SOC II Type 2 with five trust criteria, HiTrust, HIPAA and other security certifications and a dedicated security team.

"At HaystackID, our priority is to tailor the eDiscovery experience to the unique requirements of each client. By offering expert guidance on both RelativityOne and our HaystackID Relativity Server, we ensure that whether our clients require the cutting-edge cloud capabilities of RelativityOne or the controlled environment of a hosted HaystackID Relativity Server, their solution not only meets but exceeds expectations in functionality and security, while optimizing their eDiscovery processes."

Adam Rubinger

Adam Rubinger

Chief Client Experience Officer, HaystackID

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When to Choose RelativityOne or Relativity Server

Here are some factors to consider when deciding between RelativityOne and Relativity Server.

Existing RelativityOne Licenses
Highly Sensitive Data
Tight Budgets
Cloud Benefits
Managed Security
Relativity Server

In summary, RelativityOne offers major benefits from the cloud, while Relativity Server provides a private cloud alternative. Factors like data sensitivity, budgets, infrastructure, and desired features can inform the choice between the two. Both platforms offer robust options for eDiscovery teams to efficiently tackle investigations and litigation.

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About Relativity®

Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Their SaaS product, RelativityOne, manages large volumes of data and quickly identifies critical issues during litigation and internal investigations. They have over 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries, serving thousands of organizations globally, primarily in legal, financial services, and government sectors, including the U.S. Department of Justice and 198 of the Am Law 200.

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