HaystackID – Computer Forensics & eDiscovery Experts

In a rapidly evolving, new technology-driven enterprise landscape with new legal challenges in eDiscovery rapidly proliferating, the costs of litigation services and risks can be monumental. At HAYSTACKID, we work to mitigate these potentially frustrating and expensive situations by approaching every client as a partner, not simply a customer.

Our clients choose us because of our experience, people and great customer service.  We offer clients comprehensive services beginning at initial consultation, spanning forensic preservation and collection, advanced forensic recovery, email and native file processing, cell phone and social media discovery, computer forensic analysis and reporting, ediscovery expert witness testimony on to trial related services.

HAYSTACKID has offices across the United States, in Canada and Europe and is able to assist our clients with complex litigation spanning the globe.

Computer Forensics Related Investigations:

Some of the key types of computer forensics related investigations we have experience navigating include:

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