ReviewRight Virtual®

Review teams need the flexibility to securely operate as part of virtual teams from anywhere at any time. ReviewRight Virtual provides that capability through the delivery of a scalable, fully managed virtual desktop environment that enables remote reviewers to communicate, connect, and conduct reviews with best-of-breed technologies that are integrated and delivered securely as a single service.

Integrated Enabling Technologies

Security and Flexibility

With a combined privacy capability that addresses requirements at the user level, endpoint device, endpoint session, OS and application, network, and physical security levels, ReviewRight Virtual gives organizations the flexibility they need to support remote reviews without any sacrifice of security or productivity.

Key Security Benefits

  • Endpoint Security
    Protect against device theft or loss and control where data resides by getting it off the endpoint.
  • Protection of Sensitive or Proprietary Data
    Control or restrict specific behaviors to ensure users can access only what they need.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing App Structure
    No need for duplicate authentication systems or to require users to manage multiple logins and passwords.
  • Elimination of Network Vulnerabilities
    Highly redundant, highly available balancers, front-side/back-side network isolation, VLAN and IP address, isolation and customer-specific security configurations.
  • Reduction of Device and OS Maintenance
    Hardened OS results in greater security and control while enterprise-grade anti-malware, rigorous patching and updates, and golden image management ease traditional IT burdens.

Key Productivity Benefits

  • High Performance
    Purpose-built for speed and optimal performance on infrastructure that delivers 99.99% availability.
  • Business Continuity
    Ensure reviewers always have access to time-sensitive projects.
  • Proven Applications
    Field-proven secure email, encrypted chat, and leading review platforms ensure reviewers have the best tools to help drive the best outcomes.
  • Compliant Desktops
    Independently verified PCI and HIPAA compliant cloud delivered desktops.
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