Building a Customer-Centric Approach to Data Discovery

Editor’s Note: Successful data discovery requires more than cutting-edge tools—it demands trusted partnerships. In this blog post, we underscore the importance of understanding clients’ pain points and building relationships centered around trust and collaboration. Learn about HaystackID’s comprehensive customer journey approach and how we drive impact for our clients through tailored solutions, innovative strategies, and a commitment to helping clients stay competitive in our evolving landscape.

By HaystackID Staff

Data discovery is complex. From heightened security concerns to an influx of new data types, successful data discovery goes beyond implementing the latest and greatest tools. Organizations need trusted partners who understand the nuances of their pain points and how their organization operates so they can position them to thrive in our increasingly data-driven world.  

Building these relationships requires a close connection with your clients, and many companies need to take advantage of this critical step in product development. Case in point: 42% of startups fail because they build products without clearly understanding who will use them and for what specific purpose.  

Our experts take a different approach. We regularly engage with our clients to learn about their most significant pain points and identify opportunities to create solutions that help them overcome those obstacles.  

“We believe that the customer journey is the cornerstone of our success. By walking alongside our clients every step of the way, we build lasting partnerships founded on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to navigating the complexities of data discovery,” said Andrea Wallack, President of HaystackID. 

Here are some of the ways that we pave the path forward with our comprehensive customer journey process.   

Know the Influencers and Decision-Makers 

The average B2B buying process has seven decision-makers average. Often, these decision-makers sit in different facets of the organization— legal ops, IT, records management, privacy, and security—and have varying objectives and concerns that your team needs to address.  

Our customer journey identifies the specific influencers and decision-makers to ensure we can tailor our solutions—ranging from HaystackID Global Advisory to Global Managed Review— to their needs and illustrate how we are a true partner in meeting their objectives. 

Get into the Weeds 

We take a consultative approach by getting into the specifics—exploring our clients’ existing Discovery workflows, policies, and tech stack. From there, we have in-depth conversations with our clients to understand their obstacles, from managing data volumes to resource constraints. By interviewing clients about their journeys, we accompany them through actual eDiscovery workflows, observe processes, and experience pain points firsthand, learning to view the world through their clients’ eyes and develop an action plan that drives meaningful change.  

We let the data inform planning by using data from client systems, web analytics, and customer surveys to quantify customer behavior patterns, drop-off points, and friction areas. Our team builds detailed journey analytics with these insights as our clients begin working with them.  

Develop Targeted Action Plans 

Once we understand the client’s specific challenges, we can work with our clients to explore how specific offerings optimize different phases of the Discovery lifecycle, from identification and preservation to collection, processing, review, analysis, and production. As our industry evolves, we stay close to our clients to learn how we can innovate to help them stay ahead of the curve. As more of our clients adopted Microsoft Office 365, our experts developed the M365 with HaystackID® Suite for Microsoft 365® Services. This comprehensive offering allows our clients to optimize their Microsoft 365 investment to increase productivity, collaboration, and security.  

“We’re going beyond mere software implementation; our dedicated practice understands and aligns with each organization’s unique business processes and provides custom solutions to transform how they operate,” said Nate Latessa, Executive Vice President of Advisory Services of HaystackID. 

Go Beyond the Here and Now 

With data discovery, it’s about the long game. We work diligently with our clients to solve their immediate, pressing challenges, but always ensure we take a long-term look at what’s to come to set the proper foundation for success and achieve results, whether it’s speed, cost savings, or risk mitigation.  

Looking toward the future, our team is establishing a client advisory board. This board will include collaborative workshops to empower cross-functional client teams to visualize their current and desired future-state journeys collectively, ultimately enriching our journey map and cross-pollinating the company roadmap. Our team maps out micro-level journeys for critical scenarios like compliance investigations, data breach responses, and regulatory audits. 

“Our unique strategies for elevating the customer journey are rooted in a deep understanding of our client’s needs and a commitment to continuous improvement. By leveraging data, facilitating collaborative workshops, and identifying micro-journeys, we create a truly differentiated experience that delivers measurable results,” said Hal Brooks, CEO of HaystackID.  

Our Process in Action: Global Platform Company Complies with Complex Second Request 

With our customized customer journey approach, a global platform company acquired a highly regulated company. Facing a complex Department of Justice (DOJ) second request related to the proposed acquisition, the company and its outside counsel turned to HaystackID to help comply with the requirements. Our team used our technical and industry expertise to collect 18TB of data, including significant stores of Slack messages and files, from more than 17 data store types.   

Leveraging this multi-step process and a targeted strategy, our experts worked diligently with the client and the DOJ to ensure we understood and executed the expectations outlined in the second request.   

Our experts completed 300 collections and developed customer tools and processes like:  

  • Slack-specific heat maps  
  • Predictive coding processes  
  • Private message privilege identification  

Our team’s innovative approach allowed the company to comply with the complex second request in a mere 106 days and ultimately complete the acquisition.  

Building Trust through Customized Journey Mapping 

Our success in our customer journey approach harkens back to the trust and relationships we develop with each client. Our customer journey mapping isn’t a one-and-done exercise; we treat journey maps as living repositories of customer intelligence, continuously socializing and validating them with clients and updating them with new insights. As a result, we develop rich, accurate, visually compelling, and relevant views of true customer journeys. 

“At HaystackID, we are more than just a service provider; we are a trusted partner invested in our client’s success. Our unique approach to navigating the customer journey enables us to deliver transformative solutions that empower our clients to conquer their data challenges and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape,” said Wallack.  

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