From the NYC World Trade Center Unit to Data Discovery: Bryan Bellack Continues HaystackID’s Commitment to Forging Legal’s New Frontier

Editor’s Note: This article explores Bryan Bellack’s career journey, including his joining the New York City Law Department’s World Trade Center Unit to defend New York City post-9/11. During his time there, Ballack became entrusted with eDiscovery, giving him the opportunity to combine his interests in developing client relationships and solving complex technology problems.

Bellack moved into consulting on discovery software and services and became deeply entrenched in the nuances of eDiscovery before recently joining HaystackID as Executive Vice President of Business Development. Bellack’s unique approach to client advocacy and technological innovation aligns seamlessly with HaystackID’s philosophy of client collaboration and identifying opportunities to create solutions that address their most complex problems. The article shares how Bellack will harness his extensive industry expertise to prepare for the evolving legal field and help HaystackID expand its presence into new markets.

By HaystackID Staff

When Bryan Bellack, a fresh law school graduate, stepped into the industry in May 2002, it was a pivotal time. One year after the September 11 attacks, Bellack joined the New York City Law Department’s World Trade Center Unit. His mission was to defend New York City and its Agencies against claims arising from the terrorist attacks, a task that required his newly minted “legal acumen” and technological understanding.

“As a younger member of the team, I was entrusted with eDiscovery, generally due to a lack of interest or knowledge base at the agency. However, it was a natural fit due to my deep-rooted passion for technology,” said Bellack, who recently joined HaystackID’s team of experts as the Executive Vice President of Business Development.

As the eDiscovery SME on the team, Bellack coordinated electronic evidence preservation and collection plans for New York City agencies involved in the rescue and recovery efforts. He also researched and wrote memoranda and applied early case law of electronic discovery. Bellack collaborated closely with third-party consultants and vendors, which he soon found would serve him well as he progressed at various global consultancies and technology companies.

Diving Deeper into Data Discovery

After several years at the law department, Bellack moved into consulting on discovery software and services and became deeply entrenched in the nuances of eDiscovery. He quickly married his areas of passion—developing lasting relationships and solving complex technology problems.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been a staunch advocate for our clients,” Bellack emphasized. “My legal background has helped me to anticipate and understand how high-profile attorneys and busy executives think. My goals are to speak their language and convey ideas and information directly, ensuring my team meets their needs.”

A Differentiated Approach to Client Relationships

Bellack’s people-first approach resonates strongly with HaystackID’s philosophy of client collaboration. Unlike many companies that develop product roadmaps without prioritizing their audience and core challenges, we take a different approach. Our experts delve deep into our client’s most significant pain points, identifying opportunities to create solutions that address those directly.

“Collaboration and trust are at the heart of every client relationship,” affirmed Andrea Wallack, President of HaystackID. “With Bryan on board, HaystackID further fortifies our commitment to building meaningful relationships that empower our clients to succeed.”

With a background in forensics, Bellack has extensive experience in helping clients address their complex data challenges.

“While there seems to be an endless source of new and complex data impacting eDiscovery matters, there are also a number of new ways to deal with that information,” Bellack said. “HaystackID’s approach to strategy with every client will enable better decision-making and reduce overall costs.”

Ready for Legal’s Next Evolution

Like our industry’s early beginnings, we face another crucial moment. Legal teams face complex challenges with new data types, evolving regulations, and cyber risks, and there’s that thing called AI that everyone is talking about. With mounting challenges from all angles, industry professionals need experts with extensive experience in the many areas intersecting eDiscovery and legal—security, information governance, forensics, and compliance—to prepare for the terrain ahead.

“Bryan’s breadth of expertise and successful track record in helping enterprises scale and build their market-facing business development will be instrumental for HaystackID as we expand our business to new markets,” said Hal Brooks, CEO of HaystackID.

With Bellack joining our team of experts, HaystackID will continue strengthening our approach to serving clients and helping them find, understand, and learn from data at the start of the data and legal discovery continuum. Our experts continue to innovate and empower them to stay ahead of our industry’s many, often complex, twists and turns.

“This is an exciting team for our industry and an exciting time for HaystackID,” said Bellack. “I look forward to building on HaystackID’s commitment to delivering elite eDiscovery and cyber discovery services to serve our industry.”

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