ReviewRight Virtual

ReviewRight is a specialized set of document review services from HaystackID designed to help law firms and legal departments quickly and accurately learn from their data to make the right decisions for positive and quality investigation and litigation outcomes.

Our ReviewRight Virtual Services as part of our ReviewRight document review offerings can help you find, listen to, and learn from your data during investigations and litigation.

Secure Document Review with ReviewRight Virtual

In today’s fast-paced review environments, review teams need the flexibility to securely operate as part of virtual teams from anywhere at any time. ReviewRight Virtual from ReviewRight provides that capability through the delivery of scalable fully managed virtual desktop environments for reviewers. This capability includes quick spin-up, virtualization software, patching and updates, security, bandwidth,
and reporting and monitoring all for a predictable monthly operating cost.

ReviewRight Virtual End User Access

ReviewRight Virtual takes a comprehensive approach to security and controls to specifically
address each layer of the cloud-delivered desktop. From the user and his/her endpoint devices, all the way to the physical data center
infrastructure,security has been built into the offering using a combination of virtual technologies, hardware and customizable user controls.

ReviewRight Virtual also offers PCI and HIPAA HITECH compliant desktop environments,
helping regulated organizations more easily achieve and maintain compliance.

This ReviewRight Virtual end-user access coupled with HaystackID’s privacy and security approach from policy to data center infrastructure, extends critical and necessary privacy and security controls all the way to the reviewers fingertips, regardless of location.

ReviewRight Virtual User Controls

ReviewRight Virtual cloud-delivered desktops enable organizations to restrict access and capabilities using
more than 100 available control attributes. Controls can be customized per user, according to groups using Group Policy
Objects and other methods. Commonly implemented controls include:

Restrict User Administrative Rights

Disable USB Access to Peripheral Devices

Deny Printing (Local, Network, Screen)

Clipboard Redirection

File and Folder Redirection

Turn off Copy and Paste Completely

These controls provide users the capability they need while providing organizations with the security they require.

ReviewRight Virtual Benefits

ReviewRight Virtual provides organizations key benefits that can enhance the effectiveness
and efficiency of reviews while ensuring required security. These benefits include:

Key Benefits

Secure the Endpoint

Protect against device theft or loss and control where data resides by getting it off the endpoint.

Protect Sensitive or Proprietary Data

Control or restrict specific behaviors to ensure users can access only what they need.

Seamless Integration with Existing App Infrastructure

No need for duplicate authentication systems or to require users to manage multiple logins and passwords.

Eliminate Network Vulnerabilities

Highly redundant, highly available balancers, front-side/back-side network isolation, VLAN and IP address, isolation and customer-specific security configurations.

Reduce Device & OS Maintenance

Hardened OS results in greater security and control while enterprise-grade anti-malware, rigorous patching and updates, and golden image management ease traditional IT burdens.

With a combined security and privacy capability that addresses requirements at the user level, endpoint device, endpoint
session, OS and application, network, and physical security levels, HaystackID’s review capabilities coupled with ReviewRight
Virtual give organizations the flexibility they need without any sacrifice of security.

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