Faces of HaystackID: Champion of Inclusion and Director of Legal Solutions, Sam Morgan

Editor’s Note: We at HaystackID are inspired by Sam Morgan’s incredible dedication to inclusion and equity. Although he did not take home the official Inclusion Innovation Award as part of this year’s Relativity Innovation Award program, Sam is undoubtedly a champion of inclusion every single day. His passion for amplifying unheard voices, raising awareness of inequity, and enacting positive change sets an example we should all aspire to. Sam embodies the spirit of this award through his selfless efforts to empower others, within his workplace and beyond. He is creating ripple effects of opportunity that will change lives. We are so proud to spotlight Sam and his tireless work building a more just, inclusive world. He is proof that one person really can make a difference.

Sam Morgan: A Champion of Inclusion Every Single Day

By HaystackID Staff

Walk into any office or workplace, and you’re likely to see signs professing commitments to diversity and inclusion. But for Samuel Morgan, Director of Legal Solutions for HaystackID, inclusion isn’t just a box to check – it’s a guiding principle he works tirelessly to uphold every day.

Morgan recently found himself in the running for the Relativity Innovation Award for Inclusion, an award honoring champions of inclusion who create more equitable workplaces and communities. And while he didn’t take home the award, Morgan’s story illustrates how one person can drive meaningful change through steadfast commitment and care for others.

In his role as Director of Legal Solutions at HaystackID, Morgan advises corporate and law firm clients on managing complex litigation and investigations, encompassing all aspects of eDiscovery including identification, preservation, collections, processing, and hosting. He also provides client training programs covering eDiscovery management best practices. With an extensive background in litigation support, eDiscovery, and trial support, Morgan has become a trusted advisor to clients in key industries like insurance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Given the challenges of this role, Morgan could have easily focused solely on advising clients and overseeing teams in his senior position. But inspired by his core belief that true success stems from including and empowering everyone, he has also made it his mission to amplify unheard voices.

Morgan does this by serving as co-lead for HaystackID’s African-American affinity group, ensuring a safe space for Black employees to be heard. He also voluntarily gives his personal time to serve on nonprofit boards supporting under-resourced communities.

But it’s in small daily actions where Morgan’s sincerity shines. He listens with empathy when coworkers confide career obstacles faced as minorities. He uplifts contributions of those often talked over in meetings. He mentors promising talents from marginalized groups to help launch their careers.

“I try to offer every opportunity to jumpstart success by centering my leadership around inclusion,” Morgan explains. For him, diversity is meaningless without making people feel protected, confident, and able to fully contribute.

Morgan may not have won an award, but through his selfless service, he’s improving lives. As one colleague puts it, “Sam ensures everyone feels valued. He inspires me to be a better advocate.”

At a time when inequality still runs rampant, Morgan’s small acts of inclusion add up to something great. He gives us hope that one day workplaces and communities will see everyone’s full potential. And he reminds us that we all have power to foster equity and inclusion in our own lives.

In his own words Morgan shares, “I believe all success stems from the initial opportunity presented when someone includes you.” His tireless efforts to champion inclusion have created ripple effects that go far beyond HaystackID. By working to amplify unheard voices and promote equity in his workplace, Morgan has helped catalyze positive change within his industry and community. Thanks to his commitment to empowering people of all backgrounds, many more individuals are now getting that critical first chance to succeed in their careers and lives. Morgan understands that inclusion and opportunity know no bounds, and he devotes himself to paying it forward so that people both at HaystackID and in the wider world can thrive.

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