Faces of HaystackID: Champion of Women and Vice President of Discovery Services, Vazantha Meyers

Editor’s Note: Vazantha Meyers, Vice President of Discovery Services at HaystackID, was recently nominated for her outstanding contributions in the Stellar Women category at the prestigious Relativity Innovation Awards. Though not selected as a finalist, her industry dedication inspires cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals. This article explores her journey and commitment to leadership, mentorship, and professional excellence, emphasizing her role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Vazantha Meyers: Championing Women in Legal Technology

By HaystackID Staff

Embodying a perfect blend of technical prowess and compassionate leadership, Vazantha Meyers, Vice President of Discovery Services at HaystackID, stands as an inspiring figure in eDiscovery. Her advocacy for women’s empowerment in technology permeates her professional pursuits and personal values and has dramatically and positively influenced all who have worked with her.

Vazantha’s commitment to building the pipeline of women in technology is truly remarkable and extends far beyond a mere metaphor. In an industry often dominated by men, creating a “pipeline” refers to nurturing and promoting women’s participation and leadership from entry-level positions to the highest ranks within the legal technology sector. Beyond her daily responsibilities of setting up legal technology systems and implementing processes for enterprise clients, she dedicates significant time and energy to promoting equitable pathways at HaystackID and within the eDiscovery community, particularly for women. This promotion and advocacy means fostering a culture that actively recruits, supports, mentors, and advances women at various stages of their careers. Regardless of company or role, Vazantha has always been a passionate advocate for creating spaces where conversations about the intersection of careers and identities can take place, further emphasizing her dedication to this cause.

One of Vazantha’s defining characteristics is her embodiment of the spirit of “paying it forward.” This value was instilled in her by role models and mentors, particularly her mother, an attorney committed to mentorship. Though her mother has passed away, Vazantha continues to receive messages from women who enjoyed mentee relationships with her mother, expressing the profound influence of her guidance. This constant reminder reinforces Vazantha’s belief that no woman achieves success alone.

In eDiscovery, where continuous learning and growth are essential, Vazantha’s relationship with her mentor, Ashish Prasad, Vice President and General Counsel at HaystackID, serves as a compelling testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Since meeting Ashish, their professional development and mutual growth have been intertwined, creating a synergistic partnership that has advanced their respective careers. Inspired by Ashish’s wisdom and support, Vazantha has thrived and ignited her mentoring spirit, extending her guidance to others. She diligently helps her mentees chart their paths, identifying both short-term and long-term goals and providing them access to resources that have facilitated her progression. More than merely a professional connection, Vazantha’s commitment to nurturing these mentoring relationships transcends job titles and organizational affiliations, reflecting her dedication as a true advocate for the personal and professional success of others in the industry.

Vazantha’s leadership extends beyond her eDiscovery role at HaystackID. She launched the company’s formal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative three years ago alongside Chief People Officer Pam Bartlett. Recognizing the need for diversity initiatives within HaystackID’s rapid growth, Vazantha spearheaded the effort, serving as the committee’s president for all affinity groups. Vazantha’s devotion to creating spaces dedicated to women within a traditionally male-dominated field is evident in the success of the women’s group, a testament to her leadership and the importance of fostering diversity.

Additionally, Vazantha is heavily involved with the Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI), a forum her mentor Ashish Prasad helped to establish to promote eDiscovery thought leadership and conference opportunities. Vazantha actively participates in panels and networking events, building connections with influential women in the industry. She understands the importance of support systems and acknowledges the vital role top women in eDiscovery have played in her career. Vazantha’s commitment to offering the same support and resources she has received demonstrates her belief in creating a supportive and empowering community for all women in the industry.

Vazantha’s reflection, “Being a woman in business is a balancing act – it is a tightrope walk,” encapsulates her personal journey and her broader philosophy of leadership and mentorship. In a field that often feels like a precarious balancing act, she has demonstrated the grace and strength to find stability, inspire others, and lead with conviction. Through her dedication to supporting other women, fostering inclusivity, and building the pipeline of women in technology, Vazantha’s passion, leadership, and unwavering commitment echo her mother’s legacy of mentorship. Her trailblazing efforts to ensure equitable opportunities reflect a stellar embodiment of professional excellence and personal integrity, casting a guiding light for all women aspiring to thrive in the industry.

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