Faces of HaystackID: Industry Leader and Chief Client Experience Officer, Adam Rubinger

Editor’s Note:  This article marks the beginning of a series designed to spotlight the industry experts at HaystackID and their contributions to clients, the eDiscovery community, and their colleagues. The inaugural feature focuses on the accomplishments of Adam Rubinger, Chief Client Experience Officer at HaystackID, who has been nominated as a finalist in the Customer Experience category of the highly regarded Relativity Innovation Awards. The article gives a comprehensive view of Rubinger’s career trajectory, his innovation in technology use, his unwavering commitment to customer service, and his leadership in the eDiscovery community, setting the stage for the rest of the series. The article concludes with an appeal to the readers to participate in the voting process for the Relativity Innovation Awards, in turn endorsing Rubinger’s substantial contributions to the eDiscovery industry.

Adam Rubinger of HaystackID: Customer Experience Champion and Relativity Innovation Award Finalist

By HaystackID Staff

Adam Rubinger, Chief Client Experience Officer at HaystackID, has been selected as a finalist in the Customer Experience category for the respected Relativity Innovation Awards. Recognized for his distinguished contributions to eDiscovery, Rubinger and his selection underscores his significant impact on his organization and customers, enabled by the innovative use of Relativity’s technology.

The Relativity Innovation Award acknowledges those who possess in-depth knowledge of Relativity’s capabilities and use this knowledge innovatively to address unique customer needs. Finalists for this prestigious award are expected to foster relationships, actively seek customer feedback, and continuously expand their industry knowledge, sharing these insights at events and through various platforms.

Rubinger began his career over 25 years ago after graduating from law school and has served in leadership positions at Fios, Datacon, EDD/DTI, Techlaw Solutions, IPRO, and NightOwl Global, before landing his current position at HaystackID three years ago. With deep experience in eDiscovery, information governance, and technology application and support, Rubinger is an ideal fit for these stringent criteria. An attorney and technologist, his expertise spans electronic discovery, analytics, discovery workflow, and matter management, critical areas that enhance his role at HaystackID.

At HaystackID, Rubinger’s responsibilities include overseeing customer portfolio management and acting as a crucial link between operations teams, clients, and external counsel. He ensures each client garners a superior experience, reflecting his dedication as a client advocate.

Rubinger’s deep understanding of Relativity’s technical capabilities and profound industry knowledge have effectively addressed unique customer challenges. His innovative application of Relativity’s tools has resulted in operational efficiencies and client cost reductions. Notably, Rubinger was a trailblazer in adopting a corporate portfolio-based approach to discovery management supported by Relativity and introducing subscription-based pricing in the corporate discovery sector.

Rubinger’s emphasis on relationship-building, fostering open dialogue with customers and team members alike, is an integral aspect of his approach. He seeks feedback to refine processes, technology usage, and other business areas. Rubinger’s pursuit of industry knowledge is ongoing, with regular participation in training and certification opportunities.

As a recognized thought leader, Rubinger frequently contributes to industry events and panels, sharing his knowledge and experiences. His numerous articles, speaking engagements, and panel discussions attest to his dedication to the continuous advancement of the eDiscovery industry.

Adam Rubinger’s selection as a finalist for the Relativity Innovation Award for Customer Experience serves as a testament to his extensive industry knowledge, innovative use of technology, unwavering commitment to customer service, and leadership in the eDiscovery community. His impressive service record and creative approach make a compelling case for his recognition as the eDiscovery ecosystem considers its final voting decisions.

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