[Podcast] HaystackID in the EDRM Illumination Zone: Gabe Landau, VP of eDiscovery and Incident Response Solutions

Editor’s Note: This eighteenth installment in our monthly contribution to the EDRM’s Illumination Zone podcast series features an engaging discussion with Gabe Landau, Vice President of eDiscovery and Incident Response Solutions at HaystackID, Mary Mack, EDRM’s CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, and Kaylee Walstad, Chief Strategy Officer. In this episode, Landau shares his intriguing journey from a reality TV producer, where he worked on shows like The Amazing Race, to becoming a pivotal figure in eDiscovery and cyber discovery. His transition to the tech-driven legal field highlights his adaptability and passion for the industry.

Throughout the conversation, Landau, Mack, and Walstad underscore the critical role of relationships in the eDiscovery sector. They also stress the importance of transparency in building meaningful connections. Landau’s enthusiasm for the cyber world is palpable, as he emphasizes the necessity of staying adaptable and proactive. Don’t miss this insightful episode, where you’ll hear fascinating stories from Landau’s time on Fear Factor and gain invaluable insights on maintaining a leading edge in eDiscovery and cyber discovery.

By HaystackID Staff

HaystackID is pleased to collaborate with the EDRM on their informative podcast, Illumination Zone. The eighteenth episode in HaystackID’s monthly contribution to the successful EDRM global podcast series features an insightful conversation with HaystackID’s Vice President of eDiscovery and Incident Response Solutions, Gabe Landau, the EDRM’s CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, Mary Mack, and Chief Strategy Officer, Kaylee Walstad.

In this episode, Landau walked Mack and Walstad through his journey into eDiscovery and cyber discovery. Starting his career as a reality TV producer, Landau went on to produce an Emmy-winning series including The Amazing Race. Landau’s curious nature and thirst for an ever-changing industry led him to HaystackID. He shared his enthusiasm for the cyber world and how it continues evolving, saying, “You have a plan, set it, and then are ready to adjust and repoint a train that is going off the tracks to reach its destination. In eDiscovery and cyber discovery, there’s never a boring day.” Throughout the conversation, the trio discussed the importance of relationships in our industry, and Landau shared how his focus on transparency has helped him forge meaningful connections and drive value for HaystackID’s clients.

Listen to the full insightful episode with Landau, Mack, and Walstad, which includes stories about working on Fear Factor to how to stay on the cutting edge in our industry.

More About Gabe Landau

As the Vice President for eDiscovery and Incident Response Solutions at HaystackID, Landau’s professional focus lies at the intersection of law and technology, where he brings his expertise to deliver practical, defensible, and cost-efficient approaches for clients’ eDiscovery and Cyber Discovery requirements. Prior to his work in the legal sector, Landau garnered experience as an Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Director in the realm of reality TV. His achievements extended to receiving accolades such as the Telly, Davey, and Webby Awards. Drawing from his diverse background, Landau seamlessly integrated his skills into the legal field, enhancing client experiences in the legal sector through the application of advanced technology. He graduated Cum Laude from Ithaca University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree.

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