HaystackID Focus on Holistic Corporate eDiscovery Training Highlighted in Legaltech News

An extract from an article by Victoria Hudgins as published in Legaltech© News

More Corporations Are Forgoing Cursory E-Discovery Training for Holistic Training

HaystackID vice president and GC Ashish Prasad agreed corporate legal departments now have a growing appetite for more in-depth e-discovery education.

Previously, Prasad said, corporate legal departments mostly had a one-off lunch-hour e-discovery session “given by e-discovery service providers or e-discovery practice groups at law firms. It’s rare for a sustained training program.”

The lack of in-depth e-discovery training was due to multiple factors, he explained, including a corporate legal department’s small budget, a lack of specialized e-discovery software expertise, and having to find the time to fit the training into others’ schedules.

However, as legal departments are now steering less e-discovery work to third parties, legal departments want to more in-depth e-discovery knowledge.

“What we are seeing is there is a market demand for more of a holistic approach where corporate e-discovery teams gets all the different components of an e-discovery program from a single provider,” Prasad said.

To be sure, Prasad leads HaystackID’s new consulting practice that provides corporations with a team of data and discovery professionals to evaluate and educate them on the entire e-discovery life cycle.

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