Safeguard Your Data: The M365 with HaystackID® Suite for Microsoft 365® Services

Editor’s Note: Enterprises looking to thrive in the digital world have invested in Microsoft 365. While having the right tools is imperative, organizations can get further by working with experts to help maximize their investment.

This article explores how the M365 with HaystackID® Suite for Microsoft 365® Services empowers organizations to migrate, organize, protect, ready, and discover with Microsoft 365. This overview details how organizations can use HaystackID’s full services and solutions to safeguard their data, maintain information governance, and drive collaboration.

By HaystackID Staff

As businesses scale, they have a growing list of information, people, and technologies to track. Dedicated to successfully navigating our digital world, more organizations have invested in Microsoft Office 365 (M365), including 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Having the right tools in place is one thing. You face an entirely different ballgame to ensure you use your Microsoft suite to its fullest potential. That’s where the M365 with HaystackID® Suite for Microsoft 365® Services plays a vital role. With our recently released suite, we empower companies to get the most value from their M365 investment by focusing on three core pillars:  

  • Security  
  • Productivity  
  • Governance  

“Our dedicated practice is not just about maximizing your technology investments, but about understanding and aligning with the unique business processes of each organization,” said Nate Latessa, EVP of Advisory Services, HaystackID.  

Here’s how our tailor-made solutions can transform how you use this technology.  

Keeping Your Data Secure

Today’s threat and regulatory landscape can present challenging data problems. Companies need to use tools like data classification and data loss prevention to safeguard sensitive information, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate the risk of data breaches. You can apply appropriate security controls and monitoring processes by categorizing data based on sensitivity and importance. Data loss prevention tools further protect against unauthorized access and transmission, helping to prevent the accidental or malicious exposure of critical data. Together, these practices enable companies to manage and protect their valuable data assets effectively, ensuring business continuity and maintaining customer trust.  

You can keep your information secure and ensure data integrity with M365 Protect, our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Classification offering, powered by Microsoft 365 Purview. M365 Protect helps you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data across your organization.  

Goodbye Disorganization, Hello Automation

Microsoft 365 Records Management is a robust platform that improves an enterprise’s capacity to manage, classify, and regulate important information. A key advantage is its seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 tools. This integration simplifies records management by automatically classifying documents and communications according to predefined policies, significantly reducing manual work and ensuring that your organization complies with regulatory requirements.  

With functionality such as retention policies and legal hold, you can easily handle your data lifecycle from creation to litigation and disposition. This functionality holds numerous benefits for your organization, including:  

  • Making it easy to follow legal and regulatory frameworks, 
  • Reducing hazards and,  
  • Enhancing sound decision-making through better management and availability.  

Improve your records management with M365 Migrate and M365 Organize. Our team designs a tailored migration process for your needs and conducts thorough testing to ensure successful data migration.   

Collaborative Employees = Thriving Businesses

Successful employees can think creatively and work cross-functionally, which benefits your business. With Microsoft Copilot and SharePoint Premium, teams can harness their creativity, unlock new productivity levels, and securely share information. However, onboarding and integrating these tools requires expertise to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance.    

Adopt and integrate Microsoft Copilot and SharePoint Premium into your business environment with M365 Ready, our Copilot Readiness program. With this service, you’ll get access to a security-centric readiness assessment, a tailored implementation plan, and support setting up the technology to ensure you comply with your organization’s security policies and standards. Once you’re up and running, M365 Ready helps you do your jobs more effectively, from generating data insights faster to automating the creation of business documents.    

Take the Complexity Out of eDiscovery

When organizations invest in the M365 suite, an important question hangs in the balance—who is doing the work managing this technology? For eDiscovery matters, this question is often a toss-up between an organization’s IT and legal departments. While both are proficient in their niches, they may not have the capacity or background to use this technology effectively, like recommending the appropriate ECA workflow to improve volume reduction or explaining the proper data storage locations for M365’s primary workloads.   

Teams can undergo training to become better versed in M365. However, organizations often get more value from working with experts with a strong background in eDiscovery and proven experience in identifying and solving functionality gaps in real time.   

With M365 Discover, the Microsoft 365 Purview eDiscovery Service from HaystackID, you can use the eDiscovery tools within Microsoft 365 Purview to their fullest potential by combining practical training and using real-world expertise. 

“Our distinction lies in our holistic approach, where we offer not only the technical expertise to migrate, manage, and protect data but also ready organizations for the future with our advanced eDiscovery training and playbooks,” said Matthew Miller, Senior Vice President – Information Governance and Data Privacy, HaystackID.  

With M365 Discover, we arm your organization with defensible, repeatable processes for managing and responding to legal investigations and compliance requirements.  

Get More ROI from M365

With the M365 with HaystackID Suite, organizations can reduce costs, bolster transparency, and gain crucial insights. While you’ll accrue various benefits from using each tool, the real ROI comes from using this suite to migrate, organize, protect, ready, and discover. 

Here’s an example of how you can work with our team.   

With M365 Migrate, we move data from antiquated platforms with minimal or no data classification or records management capabilities. This migration improves your cybersecurity posture by eliminating the need to protect another platform and collect data for litigation. Additionally, this migration represents a significant ROI that most companies realize in less than one year. After we move the data into M365, our team operationalizes your organization’s records policy with M365 Organize to handle your data’s automatic retention and disposition. From there, we use M365 Protect to apply sensitivity labels to the data to ensure only authorized access to sensitive information. Once our team completes the above steps, we will guide you through adopting and integrating Microsoft Copilot and SharePoint Premium into your business environment via M365 Ready, HaystackID’s Copilot Readiness Program. 

An investment in M365 is an investment in your organization’s future. Every business is different, and how they leverage these tools to empower their team varies. Working with experts to find unique solutions can make a substantial difference in getting more value from M365.  

Learn more about how the M365 with HaystackID Suite helps organizations maintain security, boost productivity, and increase collaboration.   

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