[RFP and RFI Requests] A Transformative Approach to Discovery Management and Budgets

Balancing Requirements and Budgets

As a trusted partner to legal and compliance teams seeking to balance discovery requirements and budgets, HaystackID® offers a transformative approach to discovery management and budgets with our end-to-end portfolio of services. One of the key offerings in that portfolio of services that may be worthy of RFP and RFI consideration as you plan for 2023 is HaystackID Core™.

Optimizing Discovery Management

HaystackID Core is a robust suite of software, platform, and infrastructure services combining HaystackID Discovery Intelligence with best-of-breed technology, security, and privacy platforms, processes, and protocols to deliver complete eDiscovery capabilities without upfront or additional investments in hardware, software, and support personnel.

Designed to provide the appropriate eDiscovery power and precision to corporations, HaystackID Core has three primary offerings:

  • HaystackID Core Standard – Your eDiscovery technology platform with capabilities to help you solve and manage targeted collection, discovery, and review challenges with a dedicated and hosted platform from HaystackID.
  • HaystackID Core Plus – The equivalent of your own eDiscovery data center with a full range of applications and management tools that HaystackID can manage through a hosting agreement or an on-premise management agreement as a PaaS (hosted public or private cloud) or IaaS (on-premise) offering.
  • HaystackID Managed Core – Provides you with your own dedicated eDiscovery team that can help manage tasks, projects, and programs for any of your eDiscovery requirements.

With best-of-breed technologies ranging from Relativity and RelativityOne to ReviewRight Protect™ (Cyber Discovery) and ReviewRight Virtual® (Secure Remote Review), HaystackID Core provides the accessibility, predictability, and security you need to reach the privacy, compliance, risk, or legal high-ground first in sensitive investigations, cases, and matters.

Positive and Economical eDiscovery Outcomes

As you consider RFI and RFP requests for the remainder of 2022 and 2023, we would be grateful for the opportunity to share in detail as part of your vendor evaluation process how our HaystackID Core offering can help you achieve positive and economical eDiscovery outcomes.

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About HaystackID®

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that supports law firms and corporate legal departments through its HaystackID Discovery Intelligence, HaystackID Core, and HaystackID Global Advisory offerings. In addition to increased offerings, HaystackID has expanded with five investments since 2018. Repeatedly recognized as a trusted service provider by prestigious publishers such as Chambers, Gartner, IDC MarketScape, and The National Law Journal, HaystackID implements innovative cyber discovery services, enterprise solutions, and legal discovery offerings to leading companies across North America and Europe, all while providing best-in-class customer service and prioritizing security, privacy, and integrity. For more information about its suite of services, including programs and solutions for unique legal enterprise needs, please visit HaystackID.com.

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