LegalWeek 2021 with HaystackID: How Optimized eDiscovery Workflows Power Successful Second Requests

Editor’s Note: Prepared and presented as part of Legalweek 2021 educational programming, the following short discussion by HaystackID Second Request experts may be beneficial for legal, business, and information technology professionals faced with the unique discovery requirements presented by Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Act driven investigations.

HaystackID: How Optimized eDiscovery Workflows Power Successful Second Requests

Today’s Second Requests require eDiscovery providers who can balance innovation, integration, and scale to address the complexities and time-sensitivity of FTC and DOJ HSR-driven Second Requests. In this expert panel discussion, HaystackID experts share how an integrated and optimized eDiscovery capability and workflows help address massive volumes of data from diverse sources to help meet and exceed antitrust-centric investigation requirements. (09:00 Minutes)

LegalWeek 2021 with HaystackID – How Optimized eDiscovery Workflows Power Successful Second Requests from HaystackID.

Panel Experts

+ Michael Sarlo, EnCE, CBE, CCLO, RCA, CCPA – Michael is a Partner and Senior EVP of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics for HaystackID.

+ Jenny Hamilton, JD – As the Deputy General Counsel for Global Discovery and Privacy at HaystackID, Jenny is the former head of John Deere’s Global Evidence Team.

+ Anya Korolyov, Esq. – As Director of Project Management with HaystackID, Anya has 12 years of experience in eDiscovery with extensive expertise with Second Requests as an attorney and consultant.

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