Haystack CISO Lee Neubecker Uncovers Major Cyber Security Vulnerability

Lee Neubecker, MBA, CISSP, has been a force in the computer forensics and cyber security arenas for decades now, gaining the type of notoriety that leads federal officials to look to him for guidance in high-risk situations. In his latest bit of research, HAYSTACKID LLC’s acting Chief Information Security Officer uncovered a massive vulnerability that could potentially permit malicious threats to monitor targets without raising red flags.

In the latest article on his blog, Neubecker explains that outdated “old and weak Equifax encryption Certificate Authority” is having a negative impact on security among U.S. businesses. He conducted extensive forensic analysis of trusted root certificates and found that a multitude of Windows 10 computers owned by various entities contained lackluster and potentially dangerous certificates.

A more thorough explanation of Neubecker’s findings can be found in his latest article, and he also guides readers through the process of determining whether their devices might be susceptible as well.

Following his valuable research and analysis of other vulnerabilities earlier this year, including the Spectre and Meltdown flaws, Neubecker has continued to strive toward identifying others that could have dramatically adverse impacts on cyber security across the board. He remains as a respected and dependable voice in the forensics and security landscapes on account of these types of findings and analyses.

Neubecker has already received feedback from several cyber security and forensics professionals, and is continuing to gather information from colleagues to reach consensus regarding next steps. As is the case with any major vulnerability in commonly used systems, businesses and individuals need to take action to prevent their computers and information from becoming compromised.

There will surely be much more to come as this story develops, and more information will be made available shortly. Stay tuned for updates from both Neubecker and Haystack!