eDiscovery Business Continuity Planning with HaystackID

Contingency Planning for Legal Document Reviews

The objective of business continuity planning is to mitigate the challenges that may occur in situations where business cannot proceed under normal circumstances due to unexpected or unforeseen events. Interruption of business continuity in the realm of eDiscovery can significantly impact the ability of law firms and legal departments to support legal and regulatory requirements and contractual business agreements.

HaystackID and its ReviewRight Secure Remote Review offering can help support business continuity in your legal document review efforts through the delivery of secure remote document review services. These services are immediately available for consideration and integration into your eDiscovery business continuity contingency planning and support efforts.

Three Real-Time Business Risks

Recent unexpected and unforeseen events that are impacting eDiscovery business continuity today include but are not limited to:

+ Coronavirus Challenges (Health and Welfare)
+ Economic Restrictions (Travel and Budget)
+ Cybersecurity Events (Interruptions and Incidents)

Each of these events has had and most probably will continue to have a significant impact on the ability of organizations to meet legal document review obligations in a secure, safe, and timely manner. These events are also triggering the initiation of eDiscovery business continuity plans in one of three ways.

 Three eDiscovery Business Continuity Triggers

Current triggers to eDiscovery business continuity include:

+ Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Restrictions
+ Implementation of Risk-Mitigating Executive Guidance
+ Adherence to Internal Policies and Best Practices

Each of these triggers has varying levels of accountability and enforcement. However, all of the triggers are designed to proactively protect the safety of individuals, the security of operations, and the soundness of the business. Concerning legal document reviews, each of these triggers is a driver for the selection of one of three potential options for business continuity.

Three Contingency Plans for Legal Document Review Continuity

There are generally three options available for maintaining business continuity in the accomplishment of the essential eDiscovery task of legal document review. Those options include:

+ Remote Review (Diversification of Reviewers)
+ On-Premise Review (Diversification of Review Centers)
+ Hybrid On-Premise and Remote Review (Distributed Diversification)

These three options mitigate the risks associated with business continuity events and triggers through the concept of geographical and system diversification among review groups and individual reviewers. They each may be appropriate for different eDiscovery business continuity situations, with the best balance of safety, security, effectiveness, and economic value being the diversification of reviewers conducting reviews through a secure remote review infrastructure complemented with a team of highly qualified and immediately available reviewers.

Secure Remote Review as a Business Continuity Choice

What is a secure remote review? 

A secure remote review is the conduct of a legal document review project with virtual teams operating from remote locations and supported by a secure infrastructure. When properly implemented by a proven and experienced provider, this approach to review increases the quality and speed of reviews and removes the safety risks associated with group gatherings. It also many times can be delivered at a lower cost than traditional on-premise reviews.

What are HaystackID’s secure remote offerings? 

ReviewRight Match and ReviewRight Virtual enable HaystackID’s remote review capability. When used in combination, these two offerings allow for the immediate mobilization of the best qualified and available reviewers regardless of language or location and provide a secure remote review infrastructure for delivering virtual review teams.

Why HaystackID for secure remote review?

HaystackID Secure Remote Review by the Numbers

+ First to Market with Secure Remote Review
+ Six Years Proven Experience in Delivering Secure Remote Review
+ Extensive AmLaw 100 Support Experience
+ Far-Reaching Fortune 500 Support Experience
+ More Than 425 Remote Review Projects Completed To Date
+ More Than 16,000 Qualified ReviewRight Reviewers Available

A Custom Legal Document Review Continuity Plan from HaystackID

HaystackID can work with your eDiscovery experts to develop an appropriate and immediately implementable legal document review continuity plan to ensure your organization is ready to meet the challenges of any real-time risk. Our team can help you create, update, or augment your eDiscovery business continuity plan by supporting you in the definition of key plan elements. We can then assist you in determining the best engagement path with HaystackID to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected or unforeseen contingency.

Key eDiscovery Business Continuity Plan Elements

+ Purpose and Scope
+ Goals and Objectives
+ Roles and Responsibilities
+ Management and Infrastructure
+ Processes and Protocols

Potential HaystackID Engagement Paths

+ Plan: Proactive eDiscovery Business Continuity Plan Development
+ Project: Active Engagement Using Secure Remote Review
+ Program: Ongoing Commitment Using Secure Remote Review

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