Six Fundamental Document Review Challenges

Six Fundamental Document Review Challenges 

With approximately 70%* of eDiscovery costs consumed during the document review phase of litigation, legal departments around the world are continually trying to increase the efficiency and decrease the cost, time, and risks of document reviews, all while not upsetting internal workflows, protocols, or team members.

While the challenges of document review vary from day-to-day, six fundamental challenges appear to be common to all legal departments dealing with the discipline of eDiscovery during document reviews.

+ Challenge #1: Finding reviewers that are not only qualified but that have been tested, certified, and qualified specifically for your project.
+ Challenge #2: Finding reviewers that have the language and review skills you need for foreign language review.
+ Challenge #3: Finding a managed review service provider with proven capability and experience in economically managing, measuring, and maximizing document review performance and outcomes.
+ Challenge #4: Finding a specialized document review services provider with organizational (not outsourced) expertise in hosting and supporting the world’s leading review platform, Relativity.
+ Challenge #5: Augmenting document review efforts with predictive coding supported by leading technology-assisted review tools, protocols, and technologists.
+ Challenge #6: Supporting on-site reviews as well as off-site remote review engagements without sacrificing control or security.

ReviewRight from HaystackID is a specialized set of document review services designed to help legal departments quickly and accurately learn from their data to make the right decisions for positive and quality investigation and litigation outcomes. These specialized services address these six essential document review challenges for complex, data-intensive reviews with six task-targeted offerings each focused on helping legal professionals solve document review-related challenges.

Six Essential Task-Targeted Offerings

The ReviewRight portfolio of offerings includes six task-targeted offerings that are proven to increase review efficiencies while decreasing cost, time, and risk.

+ ReviewRight Match: A reviewer marketplace enabled by proprietary technology that allows for assessing and matching of reviewer qualifications and performance with specific review specifications. Don’t just get reviewers, get the best reviewers available for your specifications.
+ ReviewRight Translate: An extension of the reviewer marketplace focused on assessing and qualifying foreign language review skills. Don’t just get foreign language expertise, get the foreign language and document review expertise appropriate for your project.
+ ReviewRight Manage: A complete managed review service with comprehensive metrics reporting supported by expert eDiscovery and document review consulting teams. Don’t just get managers of reviewers, get an integrated managed review service consisting of highly qualified reviewers, proven review managers, and leading review tools and technologies.
+ ReviewRight Host: A powerful review hosting solution with proven platform experts on the world’s leading review platform, Relativity. Don’t just get the best technology, get the most efficient and cost-effective combination of technology and support available.
+ ReviewRight Automate: A proven technology-assisted review capability provided with leading predictive coding technologies delivered by automated review experts. Don’t just get predictive coding support, get the most efficient combination of tools and talent to take advantage of the power of automated review and the precision of manual review.
+ ReviewRight Virtual: A secure remote infrastructure for all review engagements. Don’t just limit reviews to highly centralized onsite locations, get proven security and controls that can provide and enhance security for both onsite and virtual (remote) reviews.

Powerful enough to be used individually and unmatched in capability when integrated, HaystackID’s ReviewRight services are viewed as the first choice and best choice for document review services by many of the world’s leading corporations and law firms.

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* Pace, N. M., & Zakaras, L. (2012). Where the Money Goes: Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery. Retrieved from RAND Corporation website.