Learn from Data

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, listen, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation.

Our ReviewRight Services help you learn from your data to make the right decisions for positive and quality investigation and litigation outcomes.


Core HaystackID Capabilities To Help You Learn From Your Data

Customer Successes

Tight Budget

When it comes to projects that must be completed with impossible deadlines and weighty specifications HaystackID stands alone in todays marketplace.

One of the primary reasons why some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation turn to HaystacklD for the most complex and time-sensitive projects is its flawless record in not only finding ways to make the impossible possible, but doing to in the most cost-effective fashion possible.

Unrivaled Reliability

HaystackID has been the go-to litigation support service provider among a range of major law firms and corporations since its inception. This stature has intensified significantly in the past few years, as both the market and litigation demands of clientele have evolved significantly. Unfortunately for in-house counsel and law firm attorneys, though, these two evolutions have moved along divergent paths.

Unique Persistence

By now, most people have heard about the national issue regarding for-profit universities, as Attorney General Martha Coakley has targeted these proverbial businesses in an all-out assault because of alleged misrepresentations that led to serious violations of students’ rights.

Co-Mingled Systems

Companies today often have mixed IT infrastructures, meaning that their computers run on different operating systems such as Windows and Linux or Windows and Mac OS. This is especially common in software companies whose applications run and need to be tested on multiple platforms, as well as industries in which alternative operating systems are essential, such as financial services and healthcare.

Complex eDiscovery

Any litigation services firm can assist with the simple processing requests that go along with a litigation proceeding. It takes a true technology focused well-rounded service provider to be able to assist with out-of-the-box solutions. HaystackID is that vendor with a breadth of experience ranging from vendor to law firm to corporation.

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