[RFP and RFI Requests] ReviewRight Staff: The Global Document Reviewer Marketplace

[RFP and RFI Requests] Introducing ReviewRight Staff™ – The Global Document Reviewer Marketplace

HaystackID’s ReviewRight Staff™ is a document reviewer marketplace that matches certified candidates’ qualifications and performance with specific staffing needs. With over 25,000 registered legal professionals and 7,650 placements in 2022, ReviewRight Staff provides a diverse pool of reviewers, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity.

The complete ReviewRight portfolio of Global Managed Review services, including ReviewRight Staff, is powered by HaystackID’s proprietary Match AI™ technology, ensuring the objective placement of candidates tailored to each client and project. The company’s expertise in 107 practice areas/industries, 14 software products/technology, 14 roles/responsibilities, and 27 foreign languages, equates to more than 566,000 unique combinations available for staffing consideration.

HaystackID’s ReviewRight Staff service provides key benefits to clients by augmenting their internal resources, saving time and cost, and allowing for scalability. With the company’s unparalleled candidate screening, evaluation, and testing process, ReviewRight Staff ensures the highest quality candidates for clients, with an average time of 24 hours to staff a project.

In addition to testing, evaluating, and tracking performance, ReviewRight Staff also handles all reviewer administrative tasks, including timekeeping, payroll, and HR benefits, making the process as seamless as possible for clients to add reviewers to their teams.

We believe that ReviewRight Staff may be beneficial to consider in your current and future RFI and RFP requests and would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please let us know if you’re interested in learning more.


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