Relativity Critical Defect Update from HaystackID

Relativity Critical Defect Update from HaystackID – 030223-1

The HaystackID Support Team wanted to highlight a recent issue related to the Relativity platform we use for some of our services. We take the integrity of our client’s data very seriously, and when we became aware of this issue, we took immediate action to investigate and begin to address it. Below is an excerpt from the Relativity announcement regarding the issue:

What is the nature of the issue?

A defect in the dtSearch Index Settings page intermittently removed the alphabet and/or noise word files from the file share. This resulted in dtSearch index builds using the last used alphabet and/or noise word files located on the same file share, or if not available, the default dtSearch engine’s alphabet and/or noise word files. Please note that the dtSearch engine’s default settings slightly differ from Relativity’s default settings. This defect could have produced underinclusive or overinclusive search results. The fix for this defect is now available.

Once approaches were developed to address the issue, Relativity began notifying its customers to inform them of the critical defect. These notifications from Relativity started on February 28, 2023, and are being communicated publicly on the Relativity Community site.

Upon Relativity’s disclosure of the issue, we immediately began notifying potentially affected clients about the issue. While Relativity continues to investigate the root cause of the defect, they have issued a fix that will prevent a recurrence. HaystackID has installed this fix within all our Relativity environments. We are also completing a thorough assessment across our environments to determine which (if any) client workspaces have been affected. Given the intermittent nature of the defect, not all workspaces have been impacted. To the extent that client workspaces have been affected by this issue, we will provide them with a report detailing the specific workspaces affected. Currently, Relativity’s fix does not provide an analysis of search result differences.

We have also assembled a team of experts from our client services and hosting departments to coordinate issue inquiries, responses, and remediation efforts for our clients. We encourage clients to coordinate a meeting with this team of experts through their account manager or directly via if any of their workspaces have been affected by the issue. We will be happy to answer questions and discuss the processes and steps we can take to address the impact on any workspaces.

Additionally, we want to assure you that the issue was related to the Relativity platform, not to any actions or omissions by HaystackID. We take the integrity of our client’s data very seriously. We also have taken all necessary steps to ensure all client data is secure and that mitigation options have been developed to support client-specific situations.

Thank you for your careful consideration and attention to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to working with and for clients to ensure their data’s continued integrity and security.

The HaystackID Support Team


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• Attachment: Relativity Critical Defect Communication – dtSearch (PDF)