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Editor’s Note: Knowing where your critical data is stored is paramount. Unfortunately, many organizations find themselves in a situation where it’s unclear who owns this crucial task, or they focus more on the latest technology tools on the market and less on data management. This article explores the importance of data management, the negative ramifications of failing to know where your data is stored, and how organizations can maintain data integrity and security. Read the article for expert insights from HaystackID’s growing Global Advisory team, including Nate Latessa, Kevin Golas, Kelly Vance, Steve Barsony, and Tana Vanderhooft. These experts share strategies for organizations to get more value from their data and technology investments.

By HaystackID Staff

Do you know where your most critical data is stored? You may think that’s another department’s job. However, many organizations face the problem of every team pointing their fingers at another team, so no one truly owns the management of this data.  

“If you talk to different security teams and ask them where their intellectual property lives, they’ll likely say IT knows where that information is. Then, if you went to the IT team, they may point the finger back at security,” said Kevin Golas, citing a recent study that found 62% of security pros don’t know where their sensitive data is.  

“What’s happening is no one is taking ownership of your most important information,” added Golas, who recently joined HaystackID’s Global Advisory team as a Managing Director alongside fellow Managing Directors Kelly Vance, Steve Barsony, and Tana Vanderhooft as a Senior Project Manager. 

The HaystackID Global Advisory team combines their decades of expertise and skillsets to keep our client’s data secure from sophisticated cybercriminals and maintain its integrity.   

“Everyone on the team has a wealth of expertise. We’re curious about the complex challenges that our clients face, and while we have different niches within the team, we all are moving toward a common goal,” said Vanderhooft.  

While these experts bring unique skill sets and qualifications to our Global Advisory team, they are united by a shared mission. Here’s how HaystackID’s growing team will combine their experience, skillsets, and passion for data to drive immeasurable value that allows companies to maintain their core differentiators and stand above their competitors.  

Going Beyond the Tools to Get Immeasurable Value  

Data is your organization’s gold mine, but organizations often prioritize having the latest and greatest technology without understanding where the company stores its data. 

“You can have the greatest tools available on the market, but they’re not going to do much for you if you fail to see data for what it truly is—an asset,” said Vance, who has decades of experience in data loss prevention.  

A lack of clear ownership can seriously affect organizations beyond a hefty fine or reputational damage. 

“Paying a fine can sometimes be your best-case scenario,” said Nate Latessa, HaystackID’s Executive Vice President of Advisory Services. “If a company’s intellectual property is compromised, there goes your competitive advantage in the market.”  

Managing data volumes is no easy feat, especially with unstructured data comprising 90% of all data volumes. Working with a partner can be tremendously helpful in forming a robust, structured data management strategy. That’s where HaystackID’s information governance expertise plays a crucial role. Our team helps organizations develop a comprehensive enterprise data strategy to prepare them for litigation, regulatory requests, and investigations. From conducting information governance maturity assessments to data mapping, our Global Information Governance Advisory solutions transform how organizations handle their data.   

“We enable organizations to be prepared for litigation, regulatory requests, and investigations with a comprehensive enterprise data management and protection strategy that satisfies their legal, privacy, compliance, security, records management, and risk obligations,” said Matthew Miller, HaystackID’s Practice Chair for Information Governance Advisory Services and Senior Vice President ‑ Information Governance and Data Privacy.  

Optimizing Your Tech Stack 

Working with a partner can be essential to navigate these changes and ensure you get the most value from your technology investment. Earlier this year, HaystackID launched the M365 with HaystackID® Suite for Microsoft 365® Services to help our clients bolster security, collaboration, and productivity. Our offering focuses on your data, and our experts are doing everything from assessing your current data environment to designing a records management solution and customizing data loss prevention and classification policies to meet your business needs and compliance requirements. 

When envisioning the future, Barsony said there will continue to be an increasing focus on M365 and helping organizations get the most from their investment.

“The key is helping corporations continue to own their data and do what they need to do with M365,” Barsony explained. “Change is difficult, and M365 is always changing. You can have a perfectly functional M365 tool, but you may not have all the permissions, groups, securities, and other data assets locked down, which is really what you need to stay secure and compliant.” 

“By helping our clients optimize their M365 offering, we keep their information secure and boost the ROI they see from their most crucial asset: their data,” Latessa added. “Like my teammates have said, it’s not just about having the right tools. That’s why we go beyond implementation and look at how we can provide value based on your company’s established processes and frameworks to make a real difference.” 

As our industry faces new challenges and data complexities grow, the HaystackID Global Advisory team remains dedicated to empowering organizations to turn data from a potential liability into a significant asset. Learn more about HaystackID’s Global Advisory or schedule time to connect with our experts. 

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