Lee Neubecker to Give Keynote Presentation at BloomCON2018

Our CISO Lee Neubecker will be giving the keynote presentation at BloomCON 2018, a cyber security and forensics event this weekend. Given the current state of cyber security across personal, corporate and governmental landscapes today, Neubecker will focus his conversation on chip vulnerabilities, as well as other topics pertaining to IT risk management and data protection. Neubecker brings decades’ worth of experience to the table, and will take the hundreds in attendance through some of the lesser-discussed threats and potential solutions as they stand today.

Now in its third year, the annual BloomCON Forensics and Security conference is held at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania and brings together speakers, professionals and students who are passionate about cyber security. This year’s iteration of the event will feature a digital forensics incident response competition, competitive hacking, drone wars and much more.

The drone wars will be the first of its kind at the event and is presented by Bloomsburg and the U.S. Air Force, pitting competitors against one another to see which individual has the skills necessary to break into an active drone’s system. Plenty of other events and speakers will make this a memorable experience for all who attend, especially students and young professionals who are looking to get into the cyber security and forensics fields.

With cyber security and forensics becoming more vital to national security, identity protection, economic stability and so many other facets of everyday life, connecting experts to young professionals and students represents a critical step in the right direction. Knowledgeable individuals such as those who are set to speak will be available to teach attendees more about the topics at hand.

The event is expected to host hundreds of attendees this year. For more information, please reference the video interview above between Dr. Phil Polstra of Bloomsburg University and CISO Lee Neubecker, CISSP.