Is BYOD causing corporate culture fragmentation?

Though the bring your own device, or (BYOD), trend has successfully made it into a growing majority of companies in the United States and abroad, executives and regulators continue to be concerned about security. When an employee brings in some device that is out of the future, it isn’t always easy to quickly comprehend what precious metals it runs off of and which Star Trek film they acquired it from.

And, as we all know, if those simple facts are not disclosed, securing and supporting the device will be a headache. Companies need to conduct adequate preparations before launching a BYOD strategy to ensure data security and network integrity.

Bring-your-own-distrust, security concerns;

Investor’s Business Daily recently reported that a new study revealed employees in BYOD environments are afraid that their personal information will be accessed secretly by their employers. While businesses should have policies in place that clearly outline when managers would need to look at data stored on BYOD smartphones and tablets, these staff members fear that they would never know the different.

According to the source, two-thirds of Americans who responded to a survey said that they are worried that their personal data will be lost in the office. The reasons behind the fears seemed to be that many employees believe that IT departments do not ensure security of enterprise applications and information during BYOD, so how would they be able to protect personal data?

Network World added that this type of fear is leading many employees to keep their personal devices away from IT departments, as they simply don’t trust the workers with their information and applications. Suffice it to say that this is a big security concern, as it would mean that employees would be less likely to speak up in the event of a malware infection or the like.

Policy, policy, policy;

This is yet another illustration of the dire need for effective and clearly outlined policies for all things corporate IT in the workplace. With more breaches occurring as the result of human error every year, companies must implement the necessary policies, as well as management software, to ensure that employees understand and oblige the security and support structures for optimal BYOD environments.”