HaystackID Remote Review Expertise Highlighted in Legaltech® News

Abstracted from Frank Ready’s Legaltech News Article on Remote Document Review

In-House Still Find Places Where Remote Document Reviewers ‘Aren’t Getting It’

According to ALM reporter Frank Ready as shared in a recent article in Legaltech News, complex matters may not lend themselves as well to remote document review, thus may force in-house legal teams to be more strategic in their approach to leveraging technology and structuring data. In highlighting this strategic challenge, HaystackID’s Hal Brooks was interviewed and shared the following insight on one way his company proactively manages this challenge as part of a comprehensive reviewer selection process (e.g., registration, qualification, assessment, and certification), coupled with proven best practices, solid onboarding approaches, and systematic training.

Article Extract

Hal Brooks, CEO of e-discovery provider HaystackID, noted that the company is aware that “distractions occur” and plans for that reality during the reviewer hiring process. “We have a vetting process. We have a platform that tracks all of the users’ productivity and shows all of the historical data analysis of their productivity, so that we can basically gauge how much we can engage out of that individual and we properly hire the number of reviewers we need in order to accommodate a deadline,” he said.

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