Considering Data Subject Access Requests? An Overview from HaystackID

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Comprehensive and Expansive Privacy Management

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive and expansive data privacy legislation ever created. The risks of non-compliance are significant. Even a single violation could potentially put an organization at risk, both financially and reputationally. And while these legislations provide specific guidance about what needs to be done, many organizations are struggling with how to do it.

HaystackID helps global organizations plan and deploy privacy management solutions to ensure that personal data is protected in a manner that is efficient and legally compliant.

Managing Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

The GDPR has ushered in a number of new legal challenges for corporations. Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are one of the more significant requirements to emerge. The fundamental right of an employee to access or delete one’s personal data has upended the traditional ownership dynamic that was once the exclusive domain of enterprises.

Fulfilling a DSAR request can be complex. Employees often generate significant amounts of personal data which, as part of a DSAR, will need to be collected, reviewed and processed before a company can respond. Having a streamlined process in place is critical in completing these requests within the short deadlines required and at a reasonable and predictable cost.

HaystackID offers efficient, predictable programs to manage and fulfill subject access requests across an enterprise’s global footprint.

Features and benefits from our offerings include: 

  • Predictable fixed cost program model
  • EU and US data centers to process and host data in the native jurisdiction
  • Onsite or remote data collection capabilities
  • Data processing to include deduplication, metadata extraction, full-text indexing
  • Data delivery through secure, encrypted transfer mechanisms
  • Fully documented and defensible process
  • Secure web access to data with dual authentication and user audit logs
  • Case archive and preservation

Technology Planning and Deployment

HaystackID understands the complexities of enterprise data systems and how to use technology platforms to maximize an organization’s ability to map, index, analyze and mine that data in order to meet privacy management requirements. HaystackID partners with leading privacy management platforms to craft workflow solutions to articulate and simplify privacy compliance activities.

Our team can help in-house legal, compliance, and IT departments prepare for privacy management in the following areas:

  • Create a comprehensive list of functional requirements
  • Map enterprise data sources
  • Evaluate technology platform options
  • Conduct platform proofs of concept
  • Create technology deployment plans and schedules
  • Build infrastructure stacks
  • Conduct platform implementations
  • Provide platform training

Technology and Operational Support

Privacy management technology and operations teams face many challenges. Privacy compliance presents an uneven demand curve, with clusters of requests that need to be answered within strict timelines. Privacy technology systems are deployed into organizations with constantly changing data sources, new systems, upgrades and decommissions. The data integration points for privacy systems are continuously shifted and data connections broken and needing repair.

In answer to these challenges, HaystackID provides continuous technology and operational support for enterprise privacy management. Our dedicated support teams provide seamless support in the following areas:

  • Privacy management system monitoring and routine maintenance
  • Privacy management system upgrade planning and deployment
  • Addition of new privacy data sources to existing deployments
  • Privacy data remediation (responsible deletion of private data)
  • Direct support for in-house privacy staff
  • Turn-key dedicated privacy management teams

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