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An Overview of Foreign Language Document Review from HaystackID

By Michael Dalewitz, President of ReviewRight*

HaystackID has extensive experience in supporting multinational and multilingual review projects. To achieve proficiency in delivering expert foreign language review outcomes, HaystackID employs a combination of proprietary technology, innovative evaluation tools and proven processes to allow for the rapid and comprehensive sourcing, testing, and qualification of reviewers who are not only legal review experts, but experts at reviewing documents in common and less common business languages. This foreign language focused combination of technology, tools, and processes is delivered as part of our ReviewRight Translate service offering.

ReviewRight Translate Portal for German Legal Document Reviewers

ReviewRight Translate language expertise is driven by our core legal reviewer database of qualified reviewers sourced by industry leading recruiters with deep experience in meeting stringent language and domain knowledge requirements for the most complex of multi-language, multi-location matters. From this continually reviewed, refreshed, and retested database of legal document review experts, HaystackID can quickly mobilize custom review teams to meet the size, language, location, review management, time, and cost requirements for your matter.

Business language expertise represented as part of ReviewRight Translate services includes:

+ French
+ German
+ Italian
+ Portuguese
+ Spanish
+ Russian
+ Hebrew
+ Hindi
+ Chinese
+ Japanse
+ Korean

Additional language support for qualified/language proficient reviewers can be sourced on request to ensure clients have the reviewer resources and expertise available to achieve their review objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

ReviewRight Translate Portal for Korean Legal Document Reviewers

Beyond ALTA: A Paradigm Shift for Enhanced Foreign Language Review

ReviewRight Translate provides you with a team of qualified foreign language reviewers by building on, not relying on, industry-leading ALTA language fluency testing. While ALTA language fluency testing is an important data point for classifying document reviewer language skills, the ultimate objective in language testing and qualification is not only fluency, but fluency practically applied to the review of documents in a required language.

ReviewRight’s proprietary process for testing and staffing foreign language review attorneys consists of a testing process that evaluates reviewers through the lens of the required foreign language with a 15 minute, 15 question test that presents a review protocol and evaluates responses. This practical approach enabled by our native language assessment portals provides ReviewRight Translate customers with industry-leading insight into reviewer potential for accuracy (precision/recall) and performance before the selection of review teams, resulting in higher performing foreign language review teams that have been shown to decrease the total cost of foreign language reviews by up to 50% over traditional sourcing approaches.

Additionally, leveraging the complete suite of ReviewRight review services to include proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, you can define, refine, select, and rank your customized review team based on case-specific review skills and past document review metrics. Faster team selections. Higher performance. Less costly reviews.   

While ReviewRight Translate’s testing and staffing program allows for language-agnostic testing of review skill, not just fluency, additional elements supporting review team selection beyond language qualification, include:

+ Background Checking
+ Conflict Checking
+ Work History and Reference Checking
+ Document Review Skills Testing
+ Second Level QC Team Leads, and Review Manager Assessments
+ First Pass Language Review Assessment

With this type of pre-qualification for review pools ordered by a proprietary review attorney ranking system, HaystackID can put together a qualified, efficient, and cost-effective review team, supporting the language or languages you require, in a matter of hours. This capability allows project leaders to quickly focus on the review of ESI rather than concentrating on the usually required, time-consuming and challenging sourcing and analysis of foreign language reviewers.

Key Benefits of ReviewRight Translate Include:

+ Qualified Legal Document Reviewers: Access to legal document review experts with domain expertise in the areas required by your specific matter. This provides you with the expertise you need to quickly and efficiently achieve positive review outcomes.

+ Tested Language-Appropriate Review Expertise: Access not only to expert document reviewers, but to reviewers who have demonstrated language fluency required by your foreign language document review needs. This provides you the depth of understanding you need to translate insight into intelligence and intelligence into positive review outcomes.

+ Seamless Integration With All ReviewRight Services: Access to a full suite of review services beyond ReviewRight Translate including ReviewRight Manage, ReviewRight Match, ReviewRight Automate, ReviewRight Virtual. This provides you with a full review capability beyond translation to support the entire breadth and depth of your review effort regardless of location, data reduction requirements, and case-specific expertise requirements.

+ Full Integration with All HaystackID Services: Access to a complete suite of eDiscovery services to include computer forensics and early case insight technology and talent. This provides you will full-service eDiscovery capability from data collection through legal document review managed by one provider that is dedicated to your achievement of positive outcomes.

With a proven reputation for mobilizing attorney document review experts and advanced review technologies, ReviewRight’s services accelerate and deliver quality document review outcomes regardless of language and location requirements, simplifying review for you and your organization.

A Practical Example: ReviewRight Translate In Action

One example of the power of ReviewRight Translate to impact foreign language review outcomes can be seen in our support of a large scale German automobile manufacturing investigation. In this project, the customer needed to review 750,000 documents in both German and English, with domain-specific expertise so as to understand pricing information, sensitive data and communications, RFPs, marketing studies, and email correspondence. This need was further accentuated by the availability of a large, yet unevaluated German reviewer population, making it difficult for the customer to accurately assess who were the best candidates for this project.

With the need for a custom team of 50 German fluent, subject matter domain proficient reviewers within five days to support Frankfurt (Germany) and Washington, D.C. review locations, the ReviewRight team developed a customized plan, leveraged ReviewRight Match, ReviewRight Translate, and ReviewRIght Virtual offerings, and structured the review in the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner congruent with review project language, location, and time requirements.

The results of this ReviewRight Translate enabled-effort was that the custom review team was the staffing of a fully qualified and location appropriate team within 72 hours. Additionally, based on the accuracy and performance benefits provided by ReviewRight Translate reviewers, this multi-national, multi-lingual review project was completed ahead of schedule and under cost projections, optimizing the customer’s potential for a positive investigation outcome.   

Beyond Language: Remote Foreign Language Review

In addition to the ability to quickly, and comprehensively support multinational and multilingual review projects with qualified language-appropriate review experts, HaystackID’s ReviewRight Virtual offering support reviews that require the flexibility to securely operate as part of virtual teams from anywhere at any time. ReviewRight Virtual provides that capability through the delivery of scalable fully managed virtual desktop environments for reviewers. This capability includes quick spin-up, virtualization software, patching and updates, security, bandwidth, and reporting and monitoring all for a predictable monthly operating cost.

ReviewRight Virtual cloud-delivered desktops enable organizations to restrict access and capabilities using more than 100 available control attributes. Controls can be customized per user, according to groups using Group Policy Objects and other methods.

Commonly Implemented Controls

+ Restrict User Administrative Rights
+ Deny Printing (Local, Network, Screen)
+ Disable USB Access to Peripheral Devices
+ File and Folder Redirection
+ Clipboard Redirection
+ Turn Off Copy Completely

Key Benefits of ReviewRight Virtual Include:

+ Endpoint Security: Protect against device theft or loss and control where data resides by getting it off the endpoint.

+ Protection of Sensitive or Proprietary Data: Control or restrict specific behaviors to ensure users can access only what they need.

+ Seamless Integration with Existing App Structure: No need for duplicate authentication systems or to require users to manage multiple logins and passwords.

+ Elimination of Network Vulnerabilities: Highly redundant, highly available balancers, front-side/back-side network isolation, VLAN and IP address, isolation and customer-specific security configurations.

+ Reduction of Device and OS Maintenance: Hardened OS results in greater security and control while enterprise-grade anti-malware, rigorous patching and updates, and golden image management ease traditional IT burdens.

With a combined privacy capability that addresses requirements at the user level, endpoint device, endpoint session, OS and application, network, and physical security level’s, ReviewRight’s review capabilities coupled with ReviewRight Virtual gives organizations the flexibility they need without any sacrifice of security.

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About HaystackID

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, listen, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. With an earned reputation for mobilizing industry-leading computer forensics, eDiscovery, and attorney document review experts, HaystackID’s Forensics First, Early Case Insight, and ReviewRight services accelerate and deliver quality outcomes at a fair and predictable price.

Serving more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms from North American and European locations, HaystackID’s combination of expertise and executional excellence coupled with a culture of white glove customer service make it the alternative legal services provider that is big enough to matter but small enough to care.

*The President of ReviewRight, Mike Dalewitz, has extensive experience in eDiscovery and the management of large, document-intensive cases in a predictable fixed cost pricing model. He created one of the industry’s first managed document review models and developed the first document review metrics tracking software. Nationally recognized as an expert in eDiscovery, document review and legal staffing, Mike is a published author, speaker, and CLE instructor who graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree and obtained his JD from New York Law School.