The Art of Information? Jennifer Hamilton Provides a SOLID Look at Discovery as a Business Process

Editor’s Note: Prepared and presented as part of Winter 2021 Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) educational programming, the following short presentation by HaystackID Deputy General Counsel for Global Discovery and Privacy, Jennifer Hamilton, shares on the importance of information visualization as part of eDiscovery business process. The detailed educational and informational overview highlights how “showing” may be more effective than “telling” in the sharing of information, especially in the complex world of eDiscovery.

Yes, Programs Matter: Dashboards, Data, and Discovery Management with Jennifer Hamilton of HaystackID from SOLID Winter 2021.

About Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton joined HaystackID in 2020 as the Deputy General Counsel for Global Discovery and Privacy. In this role, she will serve as a resource for corporate clients, support legal and compliance operations, and continue to grow the Enterprise Managed Solutions Group, the company’s specialized offerings for corporations and law firms wishing to transform their business of law practices. Jennifer comes from John Deere, where she spent 14 years leading the development of the company’s eDiscovery operations and was head of the Global Evidence Team. 

Jennifer has extensive experience in data privacy, electronic records management, investigations, and litigation. She is a widely respected innovator in the industry for her disciplined approach to building compliance and discovery programs and cross-border data transfer protocols. An industry thought leader, she serves as co-chair of the Corporate Counsel Committee for The Sedona Conference Working Group 6 on Data Protection & eDiscovery and served as faculty for the Federal Judicial Conference, training 60 federal judges on digital discovery issues. 

Source: HaystackID