New Massachusetts State Laws Pertaining to eDiscovery

Reserve your spot today and join HAYSTACKID for our lunch and learn series on the changing landscape of eDiscovery and the new Massachusetts State law requirements.

This is a must attend event for litigators and litigation support professionals.  This 45 minute lunch and learn presentation will be a pragmatic look at the eDiscovery marketplace, as well as the business drivers for sound legal hold, data preservation and data collection methodologies, data privacy tools and overall information management best practices.

Session Topics Covered:

  • New Massachusetts State Law Requirements pertaining to eDiscovery
  • Best practices in data preservation, legal hold and forensic data collection
  • Issues involving clients self collecting data
  • Protecting clients personally identifiable information
  • Efficient eDiscovery workflow Methodology
  • Practical case studies

To reserve your date and timeslot for the months of November and December contact Amy Arzoomanian at or 617.422.0075 ext 209.  Presentations are typically held at the law firm or corporation with lunch provided by HAYSTACKID held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 1pm


Alex Gessen, National Director Forensic CCE, EnCE, CISSP, Security+- National Director of Forensics, HAYSTACKID

Tom Traina JD, Forensic Analyst and Systems Architect, HAYSTACKID

Jason Glass, Vice President of Client Services, HAYSTACKID”