More Control, Less Hassle: HaystackID’s Self-Service eDiscovery

Editor’s Note: As data volumes and types continue to multiply, managing the eDiscovery process efficiently poses increasing challenges. HaystackID’s new self-service solution promises to transform eDiscovery through smart automation and empowered customization. By harnessing advanced technologies to streamline processes, improve quality control, reduce costs, and provide flexibility, this innovative platform solves major pain points. For organizations struggling with eDiscovery workload demands and complexities, HaystackID Core® Self-Service warrants close attention. Its self-service model establishes a new standard for scalable, efficient, and high-quality eDiscovery. We encourage readers to learn more about how HaystackID Core Self-Service can enhance their eDiscovery operations.

More Control, Less Hassle: HaystackID’s Self-Service eDiscovery

By HaystackID Staff*

Efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery is an ongoing challenge for legal teams. Managing multiple matters with consistency and quality control while containing costs strains resources. HaystackID® offers an innovative solution – HaystackID Core Self-Service, an automated, customizable platform enabling legal departments to precisely manage eDiscovery workflows on-demand.

HaystackID Core Self-Service is an innovative discovery management portal providing 24/7 access to custom-built workflows, direct data uploads, automated processing, and detailed tracking and reporting. Workflows are designed by HaystackID’s experts during onboarding to best fit each client’s needs.

This approach delivers measurable time and cost savings. Data intake and tracking time is reduced 50% on average, with up to 75% savings for large data sets. Promoting data to review platforms is 30% faster. Quality improves over 80% due to consistent automated job specifications.

“With HaystackID Core Self-Service, legal teams gain an unprecedented level of flexibility and control over their eDiscovery process,” said Adam Rubinger, Chief Client Experience Officer at HaystackID. “The self-service portal streamlines and accelerates workflows while enhancing quality.”

Advanced automation eliminates manual steps across systems, executing tasks faster while preventing errors. Role-based access controls ensure security and confidentiality. Clients determine processing power to guarantee desired throughput.

“By harnessing advanced automation, HaystackID Core Self-Service enhances accessibility, predictability, and security for legal teams,” said Todd Haley, EVP and General Manager of Operations at HaystackID. “The platform allows organizations to optimize cost recovery, generate revenue, expand services, and supplement workforces.”

This self-service model empowers legal departments to establish eDiscovery functions with minimal overhead, deliver billable services, handle workload surges, and access cutting-edge, reliable technology.

Custom workflows ensure essential steps are never missed, while consolidated tasks prevent errors caused by inconsistent specifications. Clients retain access to HaystackID’s expertise for consultations and innovation.

HaystackID Core Self-Service automates eDiscovery for greater efficiency, quality, and control. Smart automation and client empowerment authenticate it as a premier, transformative discovery management solution. Continued innovation on this offering from HaystackID promises even greater benefits for law firms and legal departments.

In the eyes of eDiscovery professionals, HaystackID Core Self-Service addresses significant pain points by providing customizable automated workflows, ensuring consistency and quality, reducing costs and manual labor, allowing on-demand scalability, and giving clients flexibility and control – all while retaining access to HaystackID’s expertise. This innovative approach and its power, precision, and performance can enhance your eDiscovery efforts immediately.

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