[ILTA Webcast] Debunking the Top Ten Myths of Document Review (September 25, 2019)

[ILTA Webcast] Debunking the Top Ten Myths of Document Review (September 25, 2019) 850 400 Marketing Team
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HaystackID, a Basic Sponsorship partner with ILTA, is excited to highlight our upcoming webcast presentation on legal document review as part of ILTA’s online educational program of events.

Debunking the Top Ten Myths of Document Review

+ When: September 25, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
+ Where: Online Presentation
+ Cost: Free for ILTA Members / $75 For Non-ILTA Members (Free On-Demand Post Live Broadcast)
+ Registration: Click Here

Webcast Description

The review phase of legal discovery consumes almost 70% of each dollar spent on ediscovery. Budgetary constraints routinely are a top concern for ediscovery professionals seeking to more efficiently and cost-effectively plan and conduct document reviews. One of the challenges in developing a plan for a document review is the use of proper assumptions and facts in the planning process. This expert presentation will highlight ten common myths associated with document reviews and present approaches for avoiding planning decisions based on incorrect assumptions and facts.

In this webinar, we’ll cover topics including:

Ten of the Most Common Myths Associated with Attorney Document Reviews

+ Myth #1: Hourly Billing is Better than Per Document Billing
+ Myth #2: TAR will Replace Humans
+ Myth #3: The Best Document Review Team will be in a Review Center
+ Myth #4: Recruiters Analyze ALL Candidates for Your Matters
+ Myth #5: Law Firm Associates are Always the Best High-Level Consultants for Review
+ Myth #6: Your Document Review Tool Produces ALL the Metrics You Need for Your Matter
+ Myth #7: Lots of Time Should be Spent on Individual Attorney Quality Control
+ Myth #8: ALTA Exams are the Best Way to Test Foreign Language Reviewers
+ Myth #9: Anyone with A Law Degree will be a Great Document Reviewer
+ Myth #10: Remote Review is Less Secure than OnSite

Expert Speaker

+ Michael Dalewitz – President of Review Services (ReviewRight), HaystackID

President of ReviewRight, Mike has extensive experience in eDiscovery and the management of large, document-intensive cases in a predictable fixed cost pricing model. He created one of the industry’s first managed document review models and developed one of the industry’s first document review metrics tracking software capabilities.

Nationally recognized as an expert in eDiscovery, document review and legal staffing, Mike is a published author, speaker, and CLE instructor who graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree and obtained his JD from New York Law School.


The webcast is sponsored by HaystackID and conducted by ILTA as part of ILTA’s program of industry educational events.


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