HAYSTACKID Announces Opening of New Canadian Datacenter

“Boston, MA (February 7, 2017) Haystack Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) today announced the opening of a new datacenter in Canada. Due to the exponential growth of data volumes North America faces today, as well as HaystackID’s own prolific growth, the company needed more bandwidth and power in The Great White North.
HaystackID’s new Canadian datacenter within Toronto will complement the firm’s already thriving operation in Toronto. Its Canadian headquarters and main operations center has long had a foothold on Bay Street in the downtown area.
“This top-of-the-line datacenter proved to be the best option to leverage while striving to best serve our clientele at scale,”” said Kevin D. Glass, HaystackID President and Chief Executive Officer.
“”Toronto is known as the most connected building in the entire country, as well as the most reliable, and we are looking forward to putting the space to good use in the coming months.””
Toronto has made a name for itself thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and architecture, exceptional customer support, and steadfast resilience against downtime. It is also managed with highly sensitive data in mind, boasting physical and digital security elements that keep all of the assets stored there safe.
“”Canada has been very good to us, and our rapidly rising number of clients necessitated this new datacenter,”” HaystackID Chief Technology Officer Jefferey T. Stevens explained. “”Our staff there loves Toronto, and we could not be happier expanding our operation in this beautiful and exciting city.”
HaystackID’s system in Toronto has been built to accommodate the next six to nine months of anticipated growth. This is the latest announcement from the firm, which recently opened a second office in New York, New York, to continue scaling up in North America.
HaystackID is proud to continue growing and helping clientele in Canada and elsewhere handle the full spectrum of their digital forensics, Discovery, and other litigation needs.”