Exploring Excellence with HaystackID: Vazantha (V) Meyers

Editor’s Note: This article spotlights the inspiring advocacy work of Vazantha (V) Meyers, HaystackID’s VP of Discovery Services, and her unwavering dedication to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB). V lives and breathes DEIB, and her work at HaystackID is a testament to that. From co-launching our company’s DEIB initiative to supporting affinity groups and mental health wellness programs, she’s made a lasting impact on the organization. 

This article discusses V’s lifelong commitment to DEIB, inspired by her mother and her early work in championing underrepresented communities. Recognized for her contributions and nominated for Relativity’s Inclusion Innovation Award, V keeps pushing forward, mentoring others, and creating inclusive environments at HaystackID and beyond. 

By HaystackID Staff

When advocating for diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB), Vazantha (V) Meyers said, “It’s just part of how I move.” As HaystackID’s VP of Discovery Services, V doesn’t just believe in furthering DEIB; it is a part of who she is, and our industry is all the better and stronger for it.   

And what do we mean by stronger? We’ll let the numbers address that point:  

  • Diverse companies earn 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee.  
  • Inclusive teams are over 35% more productive.  
  • Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time.  

V was recently nominated for Relativity’s Inclusion Innovation Award, recognizing an individual who challenges the status quo and is a catalyst in creating an equitable industry, organization, and local community where everyone feels like they belong.   

From spearheading affinity groups at HaystackID to her youth, where she was amongst the group of children from her community on college tours expressly created to expose young scholars to higher learning opportunities, V has always been a part of concerted efforts to increase opportunity and diversity in all aspects of her life and the lives of others. Her dedication to creating inclusive communities extends beyond her professional role, and we are fortunate to have someone of her caliber and commitment in our team and industry.  

Our Explore Excellence with HaystackID kicks off spotlighting Vazantha (V) Meyers.

From One Generation to the Next: A Lifelong Commitment to Advocacy  

V grew up in Gary, Indiana, and was raised by her mother, Attorney Cora Vaughn, to see opportunity in every space and for every individual. Being a child of the National Bar Association exposed V to Black excellence at the highest levels of the legal industry. V said her mother has played an instrumental role in her DEIB efforts.  

“My mother has always inspired me,” V said. “She was passionate and committed to speaking up for underrepresented communities. While she has since passed away, I still receive messages from people who share how much she impacted their lives.”  

As a student at the Valparaiso University School of Law, V has continued in the spirit of her mother’s path and became involved in various diversity and mentorship groups. She was President of the Valparaiso Black Law Students Association. Her work creating diverse and inclusive communities continued after law school. In her work in the law firm setting, she helped mentor summer associates to help them acclimate to the new environment. She is currently a Board Member of Blacks United in Legal & Technology, a Member of Women in eDiscovery, a Member of the National Association of Women Lawyers, and a Member of the National Bar Association.   

She has volunteered with Legal Aid Chicago, which provides free legal services in civil matters to Cook County residents living in poverty and other vulnerable members of our community, including seniors, veterans, and survivors of domestic violence. With Women in eDiscovery, V is in a task group working on addressing the recent issues our industry has unfortunately experienced regarding the harassment faced. 

Paying It Forward Within HaystackID 

At HaystackID, V advocates for her colleagues and mentors many of them, helping them chart paths to reach their goals. Her commitment to DEIB work led her to co-launch our company’s formal DEIB initiative three years ago alongside Chief People Officer Pam Bartlett. Recognizing the need for diversity initiatives within HaystackID’s rapid growth, V took the lead, serving as the committee’s president.   

“We started affinity groups to provide opportunities for our employees to discuss issues that might be unique to them in a safe and supportive environment,” V said. “We worked to create opportunities for our employees to be heard and included in large and small conversations.” 

When asked why this work is essential to her, V said, “As someone who has been in this industry from the beginning, I am dedicated to continually improving our industry, and diversity is important in that endeavor. It’s also important to create inclusive cultures, and you create inclusion by creating spaces where people feel comfortable sharing their voices and feel a sense of community.”  

To that end, V’s DEIB work extends to many areas, including supporting employees’ well-being. V supported Bartlett’s efforts in starting HaystackID’s Mental Health Wellness initiatives, which has created a space where employees could unite and build community, which is especially critical for a remote company. She also helped start our company’s town halls to create a transparent environment, which goes hand in hand with creating an environment where people from all walks of life feel supported. 

“Our town halls allow our employees to hear from our CEO and, more importantly, ask him questions freely,” V said. “[Starting these town halls] was a breakthrough moment for us as a company; they became a part of the foundation of programs we promote and support through the DEIB organization.” 

No Rest for the Committed 

Looking ahead, V is not resting on her laurels. She always seeks ways to mentor others throughout HaystackID and our industry. Within HaystackID, V is working with other team members, Jeremy Veches and Pam Bartlett, on an onboarding program for new hires during their first 90 days. V’s work in helping new employees feel connected is imperative, as research shows that nearly seven in 10 employees are more likely to stay more than three years after a positive onboarding experience.  

While V has done and continues to move mountains in championing other people, she emphasizes that this work is something we can all do, and often, it comes down to the small, everyday moments.  

“I also advocate on a micro level. If I think someone should be included, advocated for, or protected in any way, I speak up,” V said. “[Even if it] is not always practical, it is always done; change requires consistency.” 

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