Exploring Excellence with HaystackID: Gabe Landau

Editor’s Note: As part of HaystackID’s series spotlighting experts in legal tech, this article shines a light on Gabe Landau. From Emmy-winning TV producer to HaystackID’s VP of eDiscovery and Incident Response Solutions, learn how Landau combines his compassion for people with his curious spirit to elevate how HaystackID serves their clients and helps them overcome their most complex data challenges, especially in the high-stakes cyber field where organizations must work diligently to stave off cybercriminals. This article details how Landau’s commitment to honesty, authenticity, and open communication translates to strong, trust-based relationships with clients and team members.

By HaystackID Staff

Many of us have had unique journeys in our field, but Gabe Landau’s path as HaystackID’s VP of eDiscovery and Incident Respondent Solutions is truly exceptional. He started his career as an Emmy-winning TV producer overseeing popular shows like Amazing Race and America’s Next Top Model. However, his thirst for new challenges led him to the world of legal technology, a different yet equally thrilling reality. Today, Landau is a renowned eDiscovery, cyber, and incident response expert, recently nominated for the Relativity Customer Experience Innovation Award.

Whether coaching contestants through competitions around the world or companies on best practices to safeguard their data, Landau’s compassion for others has served as his guiding principle, setting our clients, our company, and our entire industry up for success.

HaystackID's Gabe Landau has a unique, trust-driven approach to building relationships with clients in legal tech and eDiscovery.

Integrity in Action: Landau’s Approach to Building Trust

We repeatedly hear that prioritizing relationships makes all the difference in building trust and positioning your business for success. While that is undoubtedly true, it begs the question of what that exactly means in practice. For Landau, it’s simple: You have to show up no matter what.

“My relationships are built on trust; my clients and friends know they can rely on me to be accountable, honest, and be their quarterback at arriving at a successful outcome,” Landau emphasized. “Establishing strong, trust-based relationships has been pivotal as I transitioned into the technical and sensitive world of eDiscovery. ”

Landau values open communication when working with clients and sets up consistent feedback loops to keep everything transparent and manage expectations. This collaboration is imperative, especially in high-stakes environments where reputations, a client’s sensitive data, or actual damages are on the line; every case matters. Because of these high stakes, many industry professionals will be hesitant to share any issues with clients, which can have long-term ramifications for those relationships.

As a leader in our eDiscovery and Incident Response team, Landau makes himself available to his teammates, encouraging them to discuss their challenges openly.

“We tackle issues quickly and work together to find solutions, constantly improving how we work and use technology,” Landau said. “My commitment to relationships is about more than just business outcomes; it’s about creating a supportive space where everyone feels valued and heard regardless of their role or position.”

With this support, Landau’s team feels empowered to serve our clients better, which is critical when having tough conversations, which is often the very nature of our business.

HaystackID’s VP of Business Development, Jason Belovich, said, “Gabe’s dedication to enhancing the client experience not only propels his achievements but also fosters a culture of excellence among his team members, inspiring them to reach new heights.”

Fueling His Curious Spirit Through Continuous Learning

Landau was determined to soak in as much information as possible when entering the legal technology field.

“I am driven by curiosity; obtaining different certifications and training has allowed me to deepen my expertise in this field,” Landau shared.

Landau has racked up numerous certifications, significantly contributing to his professional growth, including Certified Information Privacy Professional, IAPP—International Association of Privacy Professionals, and ACEDS’ eDiscovery Executive Certificate (eDEx). Additionally, Landau learned the ins and outs of Relativity and became a Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA), which Landau stated was a “game-changer.”

“Getting my RCA enhanced my technical skills and gave me the credentials to back up my expertise, boosting my confidence in guiding our clients through complex data challenges,” added Landau.

Speaking of complex challenges, Landau spearheaded our first RelativityOne instance in Canada for a data breach case. Soon after, he led another RelativityOne deployment for an eDiscovery matter and combined his technical expertise and skills to protect our client’s interests and sensitive data. He regularly conducts Relativity training for various clients, customizing the training to meet different clients’ needs.

“My learning journey doesn’t end with me; I’ve made it a priority to share this knowledge through customized training sessions for our clients and my team, ” Landau shared.

Landau equips all parties to handle their data responsibly and efficiently by tailoring these programs to address specific needs.

“This approach not only solves immediate problems but also prepares us for future challenges, reinforcing the strong relationships I strive to build and maintain,” Landau said.

Landau’s journey from television production to legal technology exemplifies the power of adaptability and continuous learning. His curious and innovative approach is crucial in the high-stakes cyber field, where data breaches increased by 72% between 2021 and 2023. Landau’s story is a testament to the profound impact of combining diverse experiences with a relentless pursuit of knowledge and integrity.

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