ESI Assessment and Analytics from HaystackID

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, listen, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation.

Our electronically stored information (ESI) assessment and analytics protocols and technology as part of our Early Case Insight offerings can help you find, learn, and listen to your data during audits, investigations, and litigation.

HaystackID uses advanced analytical tools – both those available on the market and proprietary ones developed by our talented team of experts – to facilitate accurate early case assessment, allowing for rapid identification of information and subsequent achievement of strategic advantage.

The Prevalence of Analytics

Given the explosion of data coupled with the increasing risk of not being the first to understand available data in audits, investigations, and litigation, eDiscovery analytics has become an integral part of any eDiscovery effort. In fact, one of the world’s leading eDiscovery technology providers routinely highlights that more than 90% of its customers have used analytics during the past year.1

The Importance of Analytics

Given the need to handle all potential evidence with precision and predictability to avoid exposure and costly surprises, HaystackID can apply a team of experts and expert technology to help you answer the fundamental questions regarding validity of claims, potential risks, and projected exposure for audits, investigations, or litigation. Answering these questions allows you to quickly occupy the information high ground as you assess cases and determine the most appropriate case strategies.

Additionally, properly leveraged analytics tool technology can help drastically reduce data, with normal reduction rates routinely being between 30% to 80%.2 However, actual rates may vary from 0% to 99% depending on the nature of the case and the data reduction techniques used in the analytics process. These reductions can greatly increase the speed at which you can achieve your evidentiary objectives while drastically decreasing the cost associated with downstream eDiscovery efforts.

Roles and Responsibilities

Typically those involved in the assessment and analytic processes include project managers, senior attorneys, discovery lead attorney, litigation support managers, and IT representatives.3 HaystackID can augment these individuals in your organization with a proven portfolio of eDiscovery experts ranging from expert witnesses to analytics analysts.

eDiscovery Areas Where Analytics Can Amplify Your Efforts

  • Email Threading
  • Near-Duplicate Detection
  • Foreign Language Identification
  • Similar-Document Analysis
  • Categorization
  • Clustering
  • Data Visualization

HaystackID ESI Assessment and Analytics Service Include

  • Data Preparation and Indexing (Ingestion/Normalization/Indexing)
  • Data Reduction and Organization (Culling/Filtering of Indexed Data)
  • Early Case Assessment (Cost Estimation/Meet and Confer Planning)
  • Seamless Processing and Review Support (Integrated Processes)

Example ESI Assessment and Analytics Workflow

  • ESI Analyzed According to Specification
  • Analytics Repository Preparation
  • Client Exploratory Analysis of ESI
  • Client Early Case Assessment of ESI
  • Filtering Planning
  • Filtering Specification Defined
  • Client Confirmation of Filtering Specification
  • Preliminary Filtering Hit Report Preparation
  • Acceptance of Initial Filtering Results
  • Complete Filtering Per Specification
  • Analytics Reduction Completed

Tools Available to HaystackID Customers Include

  • HaystackID DataThresher
  • Relativity Analytics
  • Nuix Analytics
  • Brainspace Analytics

Experts Available to Support HaystackID Customers

  • Relativity Certified Administrators
  • Relativity Assisted Review Specialists
  • Relativity Analytics Specialists
  • Relativity Certified Users
  • Relativity Masters
  • Relativity Experts
  • Relativity Infrastructure Specialists
  • Brainspace Certified Analysts
  • Nuix eDiscovery Specialists

Learn More About HaystackID

To learn more about how HaystackID can help you in your assessment and analytics efforts with our proven technology and deep audit, investigation, and litigation support expertise, please contact us today at


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