Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL)

HaystackID’s Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL) provides cyber, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals within law firms or legal departments with a powerful new service to assist investigations in identifying and analyzing digital clues from mobile devices. Supporting full-file system and physical extractions from both Android and iOS devices, MEDAL-enabled extractions allow for access into previously restricted areas on mobile devices. Areas now able to be accessed with MEDAL include the Secure Folder (Samsung), Private Space (Huawei), KeyChain (iOS), Email (Android and iOS), third-party application data, system and application logs, and deleted content.

Complex Challenges Require Comprehensive Capabilities

HaystackID’s MEDAL capability, part of the Forensics First portfolio of services, augments and enhances investigations of Android and iOS mobile devices with unparalleled precision for previously restricted information. Join the many cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery experts who have added HaystackID’s MEDAL to their investigations tool kit.

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