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HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms securely find, understand, and learn from data when facing complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. HaystackID mobilizes industry-leading cyber discovery services, enterprise managed solutions, and legal discovery offerings to serve more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms in North America and Europe.

Balancing Data Value and Risk with Information Governance

Organizations today, both private and public, should be excited about what is happening with their data and their networks, as advancements in technology have finally caught up with the requirements necessary to handle and manage via controls and classification, any volume of data, regardless of magnitude, in any repository, in any geography, behind the firewall or in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Organizations can get more value from information assets now due to technology and data mining. However, the rewards of data value must be considered with the risk of a network compromise and the related data privacy and cybersecurity obligations imposed by legal, regulatory, and business retention requirements.

[On-Demand Webcast] Information Governance, Data Privacy, and Data Breach Exposure Mitigation

This one-hour panel presentation, presented at the 2021 Privacy + Security Fall Academy, provides viewers with a framework and solutions for deploying privacy-based information governance technologies, tactics, and strategies to help their organization comply with the ever-changing landscape of data privacy laws, while also reducing their exposure in the event of a security incident when sensitive data has been compromised by threat actors. To watch the full on-demand webcast, click here, or to read the webcast transcript, click here.

Confronting Data Reality

To perform critical business tasks, enterprise organizations depend on and interact with various data sources from stores, repositories, and platforms, including laptop/desktop workstations, file shares, databases, SaaS applications, and email. Identifying, classifying, inventorying, and remediating specific sensitive and critical data within these data sets will reduce overall enterprise risk. However, finding specific data with or without indexing petabytes of unstructured data across the entire corporate network introduces people, process, and technology issues for internal teams who may not have the time or technology resources to take on this challenge and responsibility.

[On-Demand Webcast] Operationalizing Data Mapping: From Practices and Protocols to Proven Processes

In this presentation, industry experts share how to consider and operationalize data mapping processes utilized in the planning, preparation, and migration of complex data sets consisting of high-risk, sensitive, and low-risk data requiring management and migration. To watch the full on-demand webcast, click here, or to read the webcast transcript, click here.

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