ReviewRight Automate

ReviewRight is a specialized set of document review services from HaystackID designed to help law firms and legal departments quickly and accurately learn from their data to make the right decisions for positive and quality investigation and litigation outcomes.

ReviewRight Automate services combine leading review technology platforms and expert review attorneys project managers, and review technicians to help law firms and legal departments address the challenges of data and legal discovery through document review.

ReviewRight - A Leader in Predictive Coding

Partnering with leaders in the research, development and deployment of ReviewRight Automate tools to support audits, investigations and litigation, HaystackID provides legal professionals with integrated best-of-breed predictive coding technologies completed by industry-leading experience and expertise to help clients:

Accelerate Determination of Document Responsiveness (Automated First Pass Review).

Extensively Reduce ESI to Enhance Second Pass Review Effectiveness.

HaystackID’s predictive coding service provides users with the capability to substantially reduce the overall time
and cost required for effective ESI review.

Example Predictive Coding General Workflow

Predictive Coding

Predictive Coding

Client Review
of Predictive
Coding Plans

Predictive Coding
Plan Acceptance

ESI Moved into
Predictive Coding

Predictive Coding
Accomplished Per

Example Continuous Active Learning (CAL) Predictive Coding Workflow

ESI Moved Into
Technology-Assisted Review
(Predictive Coding) Application

Establish a Seed Set
of Relevant Documents
(Judgemental Sampling)

Apply Machine Learning
Algorithm to Collection to
Suggest Most Likely Responsive Documents

Review Suggested Documents
and Provide Feedback for
Machine Learning Algorithm

Repeat Application of Machine
Learning Algorithm Against Collection
Until Few, If Any, Suggested
Documents Are Relevant

Prepare for Review
All Documents Categorized
as Relevant

Validate the TAR
(Predictive Coding) Process

As a leader in specialized eDiscovery services, HaystackID has extensive experience in designing and deploying Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) solutions that combine best-of-breed technologies, proven automated review protocols, and expert reviewers to achieve expeditious, efficient, and economically favorable results One example of this capability was demonstrated in the delivery of ReviewRight offerings in support of a top five AM LAW firm.

A ReviewRight Combination: Case Study

The demonstrated executional excellence in the delivery of ReviewRight offerings from HaystackID is exemplified in HaystackID’s support of a time-sensitive requirement for a Department of Justice (DOJ) Second Request for one of the top five law firms
(AM Law) in the United States.

A top five AM Law firm needed immediate assistance to address a requirement driven by a DOJ Second Request to consider almost five million documents and produce the appropriate documents in the earliest possible time as part of an end-to-end discovery project. The complete project required processing, review, and production of information from a hosted repository of 4.7 million records.

Key HaystackID capabilities requested for this project and supported by ReviewRight included:

Upon agreement of services required, HaystackID immediately coordinated with the law firm to verify corporate client data disposition, confirm agreement on suggested automated review protocols, and to lock down on production timelines. Leveraging HaystackID and ReviewRight unified project management, discovery, and review teams, the project was completed early and within the budget agreed upon prior to project execution.

Details of specific actions of this second request project are provided below:


4.7 million records processed and hosted in Relativity and prepared for review.


Rapid preparation of documents for further review using best-of-breed technology and expert eDiscovery technicians.

Technology-Assisted Review

4.7 million records reduced into an initial review set of 329,000 documents.


Reduction through predictive coding of records by 93% and preparation of data for further review using expert reviewers supported by ReviewRight staffing technology and Virtual Document Review remote review technology.

Review (Expert Reviewers)

329,000 documents reviewed remotely by 140 attorneys within 10 days.


Complete review completed four days ahead of project schedule and on budget.


HaystackID supported by ReviewRight met the DOJ Second Request requirements for a top five AM Law firm by reducing an initial data set of 4.7 million records by 93% through predictive coding into a manageable data set of 329,000 documents. The 329,000 remaining documents were expertly reviewed by a targeted team of highly qualified review attorneys who completed the final review in 10 days, four days ahead of project schedule enabling the corporate client to be in full compliance of the second request requirements.

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