ReviewRight Host

ReviewRight is a specialized set of document review services from HaystackID designed to help law firms and legal departments quickly and accurately learn from their data to make the right decisions for positive and quality investigation and litigation outcomes.

Our ReviewRight Host services and supporting business consulting services as part of our ReviewRight document review offerings can help you find, learn, and listen to your data during investigations and litigation.

ReviewRight - A Leader in Review Hosting

Too many partners are tied to a specific review platform, which means you run the risk of being sold a lackluster solution in the scope of your project requirements and budget. HaystackID has never been, and will never be contractually obligated to a specific review platform or any other technology, for that matter. This commitment ensures your host platform choice is optimal.

Several factors must be considered when selecting a host platform and performing the subsequent document review, and each weighs heavily on the final project costs.

Host Platform Selection Factors

Attorney Comfort Level

Attorneys using platforms they know will yield greater efficiency in review, as well as more accurate outcomes. Even if host tools might cost more on paper, the time saved during the review can save firms significantly on total project price points.


Your choice of review structure will dictate the necessary functionality. We understand when to utilize concept and cluster searching compared to other methodologies, and can guide you in the right direction at all times.

Cost Sharing

Utilizing a system with the built-in security to allow optimal access while maintaining separate spaces can significantly reduce monthly expenses. This will often be the right choice in cases that involve joint defense groups or class action plaintiff parties.

Overall Budget

We know budget control is paramount, and litigation expenses can be high enough at the point of initial estimation. We work within your budget while getting your review team the functionality it requires.

Let HaystackID Show You How to Best Leverage the Right Review Platform

24/7 Service

HaystackID consults clients to determine useful features for review teams, which systems should be used, and how to scale to fit financial requirements. We come to a strategic decision, then configure and set up the platform accordingly. Our global buying power and strategic partnerships allow us to reduce costs, while our fully integrated project management team provides superior 24/7 service.

Relativity Best-in-Service Partner

HaystackID is also a Relativity Best-in-Service Partner, a distinction that certifies our product expertise and excellence in customer service in relation to the most popular and powerful review platform around today. HaystackID also earned this stature on account of innovations such as the Relativity Cellebrite Integrator and eCTD Review Module.

Example Review Workflow

Review Technology

Review Staffing

Review Staffing

Review Technology
Staffing Plan

Client Evaluation
of Review Plan

Client Acceptance
of Review Plan

Review Technology
Prepared According
to Specification

Review Staffing
Executed According
to Specification

ESI Prepared
for Review

ESI Volume
and Expectation
Alignment Verification

ESI Promoted
to Review Application

Review Conducted
Per Plan

Review QC
and Validation

Review Results

Review Results

ESI Prepared for

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