Mark Landers

Mark Landers

EnCE, Senior Project Manager

With a history in computer science that ranges back to his high school summer spent at the prestigious St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program through his time at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, he has proven himself as a proverbial virtuoso of all things digital.

Mark is among the most tenured veterans currently working at Haystack, and has helped to triage and successfully complete countless projects – a sum as diverse as it is prolific. He embodies the qualities for which Haystack has become known, such as never labeling a task as impossible, always working in the best interests of the client, and maintaining a commitment to exceptional quality through masterful proficiency.

As an EnCase Certified Examiner, he is an accredited expert in both EnCase software and computer investigation stratagem. He has conducted simple collections, orchestrated massive end-to-end projects containing terabytes of data, and played virtually every other role in between during his time at Haystack.

Mark is a celebrated manager and coordinator within the HaystackID Project Management team, boasting a skillset that covers the full spectrum of traditional and unconventional litigation support competencies. Having professionally progressed alongside eDiscovery’s evolution, his industry knowledge is akin to an architect’s comprehension of edifices – vast and exhaustive.