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Getting Things Done with GAI

March 27, 2024 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

HaystackID Educational Webcast

+ Date: March 27, 2024 (Wednesday)
+ Time: 1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT
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We stand at the leading edge of a new wave of AI-enabled eDiscovery. In this webcast, we’ll explore how generative AI is transforming products and services for legal professionals.

Creative vendors have forged ingenious eDiscovery solutions harnessing the strengths of systems like Claude, ChatGPT, Llama, and PaLM. We’ll break down primary techniques in use today and discuss the inherent risks and advantages for tasks like proprietary data detection, privilege review, and issue tagging.

You’ll come away with an understanding of how these tools can enhance efficiency in eDiscovery, from accelerating document review to automating communication surfacing and analysis. We’ll discuss practical impacts so you can make informed decisions about the right AI-powered tools and techniques for your legal, compliance, regulatory, and cyber event needs. Join us to navigate the terrain ahead, harness opportunities to work smarter, and get things done with AI.

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Expert Panelists

+ John Brewer
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and Chief Data Scientist, HaystackID

John Brewer, HaystackID’s Chief Data Scientist, focuses on bringing the latest advancements in internet technologies to the eDiscovery and incident response markets. Having worked with HaystackID since 2015, John has been a software engineer and information technologist for more than two decades and has worked for dozens of Fortune 500 companies in technology leadership roles ranging from eDiscovery and data migration to information stewardship.

Prior to joining HaystackID, John worked at BackOffice Associates (now Syniti), helping to advocate for the importance of data to enterprise businesses. He was instrumental in helping bring a data-driven approach to dozens of the world’s largest firms, and developed practical, hands-on experience with both the business and technical implications of Big Data just as it was coming into to the forefront of information technology. He left Backoffice in 2014 to start his own venture, Deep Core Data, LLC, where he continued to provide technical expertise to data-centric firms.

+ Bernie Gabin, Ph.D.
Senior Data Scientist, HaystackID

Dr. Bernie Gabin is currently the Senior Data Scientist on the HaystackID Data Science team. In this role, he works closely with the company’s Chief Data Scientist, John Brewer, to apply data-driven metrics to improve our procedures and develop custom AI/ML-empowered solutions for our clients.

Prior to joining HaystackID, Bernie received his Ph.D. in physics from Brandeis University. His doctoral work in brain-computer interface systems and machine learning/artificial intelligence led him to work on AI/ML-focused projects for the US Patent Office, Northrup Grumman, and the National Security Agency. At HaystackID, he brings his expertise in signal processing, AI design, and data modeling to create novel data-driven solutions.

+ Anya Korolyov
Vice President, Cyber Incident Response and Advanced Technologies Group, HaystackID

Anya Korolyov, the Vice President of Cyber Incident Response and Advanced Technologies Group at HaystackID, has 18 years of experience in the legal industry as a licensed attorney, including 15 years of experience in eDiscovery, focusing on data mining, complex integrated workflows, and document review. In her role at HaystackID, Anya works on developing and implementing the strategic direction of Cyber Incident Response. She is one of the industry’s leading experts on Data Breach Incident Response, Notification, and Reporting, with a solid understanding of machine learning, custom object development, regular expressions manipulation, and other technical specialties.

+ Christopher Wall
DPO and Special Counsel for Global Privacy and Forensics, HaystackID

Chris Wall is DPO and Special Counsel for Global Privacy & Forensics at HaystackID. In his Special Counsel role, Chris helps HaystackID clients navigate the cross-border privacy and data protection landscape and advises clients on technical privacy and data protection issues associated with cyber investigations, data analytics, and discovery.

Chris began his legal career as an antitrust lawyer before leaving traditional legal practice to join the technology consulting ranks in 2002. Prior to joining HaystackID, Chris worked at several global consulting firms, where he led cross-border cybersecurity, forensic, structured data, and traditional discovery investigations.

About HaystackID®

HaystackID solves complex data challenges related to legal, compliance, regulatory, and cyber events. Core offerings include Global Advisory, Data Discovery Intelligence, HaystackID Core® Platform, and AI-enhanced Global Managed Review powered by its proprietary platform, ReviewRight®. Repeatedly recognized as one of the world’s most trusted legal industry providers by prestigious publishers such as Chambers, Gartner, IDC, and Legaltech News, HaystackID implements innovative cyber discovery, enterprise solutions, and legal and compliance offerings to leading companies and legal practices around the world. HaystackID offers highly curated and customized offerings while prioritizing security, privacy, and integrity. For more information about how HaystackID can help solve unique legal enterprise needs, please visit HaystackID.com.


March 27, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT