The Benefits of RelativityOne

RelativityOne offers a better way to address your eDiscovery challenges by providing all the functionality you need in a secure SaaS solution. RelativityOne gives you the scalability, redundancy, and international reach of the Microsoft Azure cloud, as well as the massive amount of resources Microsoft puts into innovating and securing their cloud platform.

Significantly Enhance your RelativityOne Experience with HaystackID

A Relativity Certified Partner since 2010, HaystackID is now a Certified RelativityOne Services Partner and can service your direct subscription. HaystackID significantly enhances the RelativityOne customer experience with implementation management and strategic consulting services that can provide more accurate and efficient review augmented purpose-built and insightful dashboards. Clients who take advantage of HaystackID’s full suite of managed services can further expand and enhance their overall experience with RelativityOne, allowing HaystackID’s tenured experts to proactively manage and reactively respond to day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on delivering value to your teams. Along with project management and review support offerings, HaystackID also provides matter-specific solution engineering to deliver tools tailored to your unique needs.

Strategic Consulting
Optimize your configuration and usage with tools and best practices from HaystackID, solving challenges and coming up with answers to the toughest questions.

Implementation Management
Accelerate your investment in RelativityOne’s complete and secure SaaS platform for eDiscovery, while keeping control of your organization’s data, users, and day-to-day operational events.

Ongoing Managed Services
Optimize your investment in RelativityOne and maximize business results following the initial implementation with HaystackID’s ongoing services and support.

Platform Customization
HaystackID can transform your solution into a valuable asset that improves your business processes, engages your team and your stakeholders, and drives measurable results.

Data Migration
HaystackID will migrate your data and work product found on other systems, software, and databases to your RelativityOne environment, while protecting data integrity.

Managed Review
By seamlessly integrating specialized workflows and experienced review teams, HaystackID is able to streamline review, meet client deadlines, and exceed client expectations.

HaystackID’s insightful dashboard reporting and reviewer metric tracking, alongside RelativityOne, engages the client, shows measurable results, and the outcome is a more accurate and efficient review.

“…Their assistance with creating workflows, templates, and best practices was invaluable as we planned and executed our move to RelativityOne. Their in-depth knowledge of Relativity and the overall discovery process made the transition as smooth as it could have been.”

Charisma Starr
Manager of Legal Technology and eDiscovery Operations

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