Streamlined Fact Harvesting from Mobile Devices Direct into Relativity

HaystackID’s Mobile Device Integrator® provides legal professionals with the industry gold standard for mobile device review through its feature and functionality-rich capability to streamline fact harvesting and review.

With Mobile Device Integrator from HaystackID, legal professionals can streamline fact harvesting from mobile devices with highly unstructured data formats and move mobile device-collected data quickly and intuitively into Relativity for investigation, legal review, and production. As a result, investigation and review teams can now take full advantage of the unique identification and collection capabilities of mobile devices and analyze and review potentially relevant evidence in the world’s leading review platform, Relativity. This technology combination delivered by HaystackID can decrease review and case cycle times, helping users accelerate accurate and positive outcomes. Key functionality of this gold standard offering for law firms and corporations includes:

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