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Why HaystackID ?

HaystackID has been the go-to litigation support service provider among a range of major law firms and corporations since its inception. This stature has intensified significantly in the past few years, as both the market and litigation demands of clientele have evolved significantly. Unfortunately for in-house counsel and law firm attorneys, though, these two evolutions have moved along divergent paths.

Whereas litigation support demands are increasingly shaped by personalization, consultation, and technology acumen, the industry has chosen to steer in the direction of cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box services. HaystackID has long recognized this divergence, and still stands firm in its technology-neutrality, consultative approach to client relationship management, and singular commitment to remain agile, responsive, and reliable.


Investors and corporate heads of an intermodal services provider, came to recognize a massive discrepancy in accounting: One amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in missing funds. The issue was so severe and sudden that the company did not know whether the missing money resulted from a recordkeeping error, theft, or otherwise.

The company brought on a major law firm to launch an investigation. Thanks to the extensive work HaystackID had already successfully completed with this particular law firm, the attorneys there contacted the service provider for immediate support.

Before long, the U.S. Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission became involved as well, bringing aboard another major law firm to head up their side of the investigation. This second law firm and Haystack also had a long-standing professional relationship that has included many major wins, leading attorneys there to tap the litigation support service provider. Haystack was ready to triage the situation and had boots on the ground within 24 hours.


Some of the key challenges involved in this case included the following:

    • Immediate Responsiveness: Both law firms needed a service provider that could mobilize instantly. Virtually all vendors in this space are either too large to do so quickly, or too small to handle a case of this gravity and sensitivity. This is a primary reason why HaystackID was contacted first.
    • Data Volumes: The case involved a massive amount of data that is still, to this day, growing. Terabytes upon terabytes needed to be collected, hosted, processed, and analyzed quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Additionally, there were roughly 70-80 unique custodians involved.


HaystackID led the charge through its consultative approach to project management, extensive range of services and solutions, and highly agile departmental structure. HaystackID’s team has been vital in the planning and execution of initiative elements to properly handle this case.

Both law firms have leveraged the following HaystackID services and solutions to keep the investigation moving forward:

  • Forensic Collection: HaystackID mobilized instantly upon receiving this work request, traveling to Milwaukee the following day to commence forensic collection of data from a diversity of countless devices and information storage environments.
  • Forensic Hosting: All of the data, which continues to be collected and discovered, is being hosted on the Relativity platform through HaystackID’s service.
  • Review Toolkit: HaystackID’s proprietary tools and management solutions have been invaluable in this case for both law firms. This includes innovations like the Cellebrite Integrator and its associated Slack tool, as well as management of Brainspace’s eDiscovery and analytics platforms.
  • Consultation and Orchestration: HaystackID provided the consultation necessary to handle this unwieldy project with ease, all the while orchestrating a complex web of moving parts for both firms. In this type of case, those characteristics and capabilities are often the most vital of all.

This particular matter also illuminates HaystackID’s profound ability to manage any task that a corporation or law firm might not have initially anticipated, but ultimately face during the course of litigation. Regardless of which business, technology, or management demand comes into play, HaystackID consistently exhibits its unique versatility and unparalleled wherewithal to get the job done.

The Outcome

This is an ongoing investigation. HaystackID remains as a key force within the case and expects to continue this heavy involvement until the matter is resolved. Notably, the two law firms defied the recommendations of their insurance providers to use another vendor as a litigation support provider, instead choosing HaystackID for the project. That decision clearly exhibits the level of trust HaystackID has built among its clientele, and why these firms increasingly look to the managed services provider when the most delicate and serious matters arise.

Thanks to the early wins achieved by the HaystackID team on this particular project, the work continues to flow in as the litigation process escalates. For example, HaystackID has already been tapped to complete the new backup tape restoration demands of the project.

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