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Why HaystackID ?

By now, most people have heard about the national issue regarding for-profit universities, as Attorney General Martha Coakley has targeted these proverbial businesses in an all-out assault because of alleged misrepresentations that led to serious violations of students’ rights.

An American Law Top 20 Law Firm approached HaystackID for its services in this case, which became very complex when the for-profit school in question went bankrupt and was ordered to exit the premises immediately. As the pending investigation was beginning to heat up, HaystackID had to collect all of the servers, laptops and desktops that were considered mission-critical from the for-profit school in time to ensure all information was available should the AGO request the data.


If this wasn’t enough, even more complex and serious trials for this project entered during these initial stages and beyond. HaystackID has acted as the point of contact for the firm and client, providing 24-hour technical support for high pressure, deadline-driven requests. As the AGO has been comprehensive in their investigation, HaystackID has also had to provide support and work-at-home troubleshooting for past employees of the for-profit school that are needed for information. This required application support, home office network configuration and much more.

HaystackID collected 75 work stations from one site and 200 from others throughout the United States while ensuring proper chain of custody documentation for each one, then stored them in a secured location for later forensic recapture. And still, more challenges continued to appear for the project, one in the form of a historic storm.


Had to emergency troubleshoot a catastrophic hardware failure at the colocation center, all during the Blizzard of 2013, also known as Winter Storm Nemo. This meant finding ways around the travel ban during the declared State of Emergency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. HaystackID accomplished this feat, returning the server back to working order within hours, all during one of the most devastating winter storms in several decades.

HaystackID is a lot more than simple eDiscovery solutions – we commit to supporting our clients 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, no matter what challenges might appear. There is no job too big, too small, too dangerous or too complex for HaystackID, as evidenced by this enormous task that was successfully completed in an accurate, efficient and timely fashion.


HaystackID boldly took on this challenge, and completed the collection process within one week.

Then, things became even more interesting. HaystackID needed to set up those servers in a secure colocation facility equipped with a VPN connection to allow secure access for 5 C-Level employees from the school. HaystackID was able to recreate their network architecture and accomplish this feat within four days. Not only that, HaystackID ensured that all relevant data was forensically collected prior to granting access to these 5 executives, using EnCase on-site, remote, logical and physical solutions.

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