Trustworthy Consultation

Why HaystackID ?

HaystackID Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) has a long history of proactively identifying the ways in which a project’s scope might be incorrect, and then reliably and clearly communicating the better path forward to clients, even when those individuals do not have a strong understanding of the elements involved. Rather than trying to take advantage of relatively untrained attorneys, HaystackID takes a consultative, professorial approach to its client relationships.

This means educating clients whenever possible and always working in their best interests – effectively being a true advocate rather than a money pit. Suffice it to say that the market is awash with vendors that try to bleed out every last dollar possible each time a project comes across their desks, and this is simply not the HaystackID way.


HaystackID’s greatest strength as a litigation support service provider might be the company’s ability to consult on complex matters. In many instances, a client will have a very detailed and rigid plan in mind to complete a project, and that will not match the best path forward. These types of situations tend to be the most difficult, as the team first needs to make the client understand why their approach is not ideal, then prove why the one prescribed is better.

In one such instance, a law firm approached HaystackID with data collected by its client on a hard drive, and provided it via DATs and CSVs rather than PSTs. HaystackID immediately placed the case into its Canada-specific Relativity environment.

It did not take long for HaystackID’s team to recognize the need for an immediate gap analysis to ensure the firm’s assumptions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the collection were accurate.

Once the workspace was set up and the initial correspondence period ran its course, the inherent challenges of the project became abundantly clear.


After extensive initial correspondence, and a short period spent setting up the workspace, including creating layouts, fields, and choices, as well as saved searches, HaystackID received an exceptionally detailed set of instructions as to how to mass-tag documents in stages, primarily on the basis of keyword searches, with the goal of excluding as many documents as possible from what the client referred to as “human review.”

The more HaystackID’s personnel read the client’s instructions, the more they realized that her proposals were not going to lead her to the most well-organized and efficient workflow, and that Analytics would be a far better route to consider implementing in order to achieve objectives. This took some serious back and forth because, as aforementioned, the client did have a rigid plan in place.


After determining that a number of her objectives could best be met by utilizing Relativity Analytics, email threading and clustering in particular, one of HaystackID’s Relativity Masters was added to the team to join in a conversation involving how best to leverage the tools. That consultation proved invaluable, and brought all parties involved decisively onto the same page.

From there, HaystackID continued to do the heavy lifting, going off the new plan it proposed and the client accepted, all the while ensuring that it backed its initial arguments up with proper action.

Once the index was finalized, HaystackID created a customized Analytics guide for the client – one that included not only the basic instructional information customized to the needs of the matter and her own experience, but also extensive screenshots and excerpts from kCura’s own documentation. Along with this, HaystackID provided extensive reporting that better illustrated the numbers as well as the reasons behind the resultant saved searches, mass edits and batch sets.

The Outcome

The project was completed within the timeframe required, up to specification of the client, and in such a way that bolstered the relationship between this particular contact and HaystackID’s team. Because HaystackID is not only equipped to identify and correct any issues in the constructs and design of a project, but capable and experienced enough to communicate those issues to a wary client, it continues to build immense trust that is a rarity in this market.

Keep in mind here that litigation support costs can be out of control, and often are as the result of a service provider working tirelessly to create more reasons for payment. HaystackID, on the other hand, always strives to assist its clients in saving money and time by taking a more intelligent and efficient approach to each given project.

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