Tight Budget

Why HaystackID ?

When it comes to projects that must be completed with impossible deadlines and weighty specifications, HaystackID Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) stands alone in today’s marketplace.

One of the primary reasons why some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation turn to HaystackID for the most complex and time-sensitive projects is its flawless record in not only finding ways to make the impossible possible, but doing so in the most cost-effective fashion possible.

Litigation support has long been a market with unchecked price points and standards of practice, as evidenced by the headaches so many attorneys face when dealing with cases that demand a vendor’s participation.


When certain projects cross the desks of some of HaystackID’s most loyal clientele, there is an almost innate cause-and-effect that leads attorneys at those firms to give the boutique shop a call. Those certain projects tend to be the ones that are most unwieldy and seemingly impossible to complete in the timeframe allowed.

Because HaystackID consistently completes those projects in a timely and cost-effective fashion, though, law firms have been able to provide their own exceptional level of service to end clients, thus further strengthening the relationships between the litigation support provider and its professional partners.

HaystackID was approached by a long-standing client when attorneys there required assistance with a large-scale eDiscovery project that had to be completed under extreme time constraints. The end-client was in possession of multiple terabytes of data in a document collaboration system which needed to be prepared for review ahead of a tight production schedule.


Some of the key challenges involved in this case included the following:

  • Responsiveness: The law firm required a service provided that could mobilize instantly. In addition to the tight time constraints of the overall project, the end client data was located in New Zealand and required off-hour support to ensure the deadlines were not affected by communication delays due to time zone differences.
  • Magnitude: The case involved multiple terabytes of data which required expert assistance in optimizing the extraction from the end client’s network and transferring to the United States for review and processing.
  • Data Complexities: The end client’s document repository staged data in a complex compound document structure that required a custom approach in order to make the data properly reviewable for the case team, and to prepare for production.


HaystackID stepped in to consult on management of this project, orchestrating, planning, and executing the transfer and turn-around of this large data volume, as well as consulting custom solutions for approaching the document management data. This included the following successes and solutions:

  • HaystackID was able to leverage its flexible infrastructure to execute hardware environments to tackle the immense data load without impacting existing projects.
  • Once processing had already begun, HaystackID uncovered the compound document nature of the data provided by the end client, and was able to develop a custom solution for approaching the compound documents without interrupting the review in progress or requiring reprocessing of any data, ensuring that deadlines remained on pace.
  • HaystackID’s 24/7 operation facilitated communication across different time zones between Massachusetts, California, and New Zealand to ensure that any questions or changes to workflow approach were handled quickly and did not cause unnecessary delays.

This translated to the transformation of a heavily burdensome and risk-laden project into a relatively seamless and stress-free experience for both the law firm and its end client. At the end of the day, HaystackID’s calm and collected approach to project management and orchestration proved to be the most invaluable asset of all.

The Outcome

Thanks to the consultation from HaystackID, the law firm’s case team could begin their review in a timely fashion, and meet the urgent production deadlines with the assistance of the robust HaystackID processing capabilities. Furthermore, HaystackID offered cost-saving solutions for future cases where the same data needed to be revisited under separate investigations without incurring the full cost of a new engagement.

This is notable as well, as virtually every other litigation support service provider would tend to drive prices out of control because the time-sensitive nature of the case. HaystackID views every project in its simplest and most bare-bones form, never hiking costs simply because the client needs it done quickly. For this reason, as well as the successful and accurate completion of work assigned, the bonds between HaystackID and the law firm remain tight.

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