Why HaystackID ?

The cost of processing collections, especially when data is over collected, is a major issue of eDiscovery. For this reason, the process of selecting a vendor is critical, as it could mean the difference between crippling costs and more predictable ones.

HaystackID strives to achieve maximum efficiency by focusing on decreasing the strain processing puts on internal networks in addition to outside counsel, tasked with reviewing these documents.During one project, HaystackID took on a data corpus of nearly two terabytes of data, comprised of one terabyte of file shares and back-up tapes and roughly 825 gigabytes of Exchange email with nearly 1,000 custodians.

The common, but overly expensive practice among most vendors is to review all of the data, which will most often lead to exorbitant costs internally and to the client.


HaystackID processed the collection through an Early Case Assessment platform to decrease the costs for the client, as the tools provided an index of the back-up tapes without having to restore the tapes to access the data.

This also enabled the creation of a list of all custodians contained within the Exchange email. The client was then able to hand select relevant folders from the backup tapes and provide a list of custodians that needed to be processed.


HaystackID took the more complicated and less profitable approach to ensure the efficiency of the project, assisting in culling the data set prior to processing. This process allowed the client to only review documents that were most likely to be pertinent to the case in question, rather than wading through an expensive morass of junk data that was irrelevant.


The HaystackID Project Managers and internal technologists were the biggest drivers of cost mitigations for the client. Even with a broad discovery agreement, the client was able to process and review less than 20% of the original data collection.

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